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Hello everybody. The birth is now 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, my recovery course does not start until the end of February. Now I'm considering if people can start doing something. How about you from night you already have something your course possibly started or when you start again with sports?


  • reply - 1: I only start 5 - 6 weeks after delivery. But I started at the KH already started with ponytastic gymnastics. That's what the physiotherapy offered. Is not more than a little bit of pelvic circles and pelvic floor exercises. But it made me extremely relaxed a day after giving birth.

    LG Julie

  • reply - 2: morning,
    It's the same with me, birth is 2 weeks ago and I start on the 18th of february, did not start any more courses.
    I had my midwife show me a few exercises and go for a walk with the dwarf every day. As soon as the 6 weeks after birth are over, I will check the internet for a few more exercises. Think this is not bad that the course starts so "late", many know who have never visited and where everything is good.


  • reply - 3: Hello you love. My course also starts "first" in February and my birth is already 5 weeks ago on Monday. I'm not stressing myself there. Were also the holidays and holidays in between. 
  • reply - 4: My course starts on 5.1. Then the birth is almost 5 weeks ago.
  • reply - 5: Hello!

    20 days my son is now old. My recovery course will start in March and will be back together with the other women from the birth preparation course. I was also the one with the first advance. Confinement. For me, it has become a Caesarean section at 41 + 2. For birth preparation and pelvic muscle training I had the Epino Delphine Plus device brought. But I would really only start when there is no more weekly flow and then wait a few extra days.


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