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BT on Thursday


I'm new here ;)
Short to my person:
33 years my husband 32
Very bad spermiogram
2 Icsi (1 Icsi FG with scraping 11 SSW)
On Thursday I can finally make PipiTest and then go to the BT. I can not take it anymore with tension.
Sometimes I think it feels good, something is going on in the stomach and then I turn back through and am afraid that this is negative to evaluate ...
How are you, where are you?


  • reply - 1: * thumbs up mella :-)
  • reply - 2: Thank you Dana: - *
  • reply - 3: Hello.
    I was meanwhile at 1 US. The heart beating and the size corresponded to the ssw 7 + 3 ...
    Everything looks good;)))))
  • reply - 4: Congratulations on a nice picture I hope on Monday too ..

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