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Hello Hello :)
I'm new here and have from article of 2016, unfortunately, read similar problems as they are with me. So I had according to my cycle computer at the time of ovulation GV. Did after the 4th day where my rule has stayed 2 tests, both negative. Since I was despite the absence of the rule, was accompanied by pain in my men at every cycle, it seemed strange to me. I am looking forward to the FA, which according to ultrasound, urine test and blood test neither a pregnancy nor cysts or the like has communicated. She said it was all right and my uterine lining was very strong-I'll soon get my bleeding. A friend told me about ectopic pregnancies and that did not leave me any peace. Then I'm in the kh to get a second opinion-both tests negative. I am now 16 days overdue and have several times a day regular pain. Does or did any of you have a similar problem and is it possible to be pregnant despite having a blood test?
Thank you in advance for answers and that you have read my novel :)


  • reply - 1: That's not possible. For 16 days over both would be positive. It may also be just a hormonal disorder. You should first wait and see if your rule will come in the next few days.
  • reply - 2: I do not think you're pregnant. Blood test is pretty safe.
    I actually have a regular cycle. However, if I had too much stress, that has been postponed by 3 weeks.
    Kind regards
  • reply - 3: Hello again,
    Sooo have on 28.7. Again a test made because I still had no period but hurt. The first test was positive, the second also and the clearblue was pregnant 2-3 weeks. Called right away at the fä and went on Friday to the investigation. Again blood loss and ultrasound. I get a blood picture tomorrow and at the ultrasound she saw something she dares but does not promise anything. According to my bill I would have if the urine tests are true in the 8 week, is it possible that she just has not seen it or I had too little hcg? If this is the case, does that mean that something is wrong with the baby? I'm sorry but I'm more than confused. I'll wait for tomorrow's result.
    Thanks for the reply lg
  • reply - 4: 8th week I dare to doubt;) Your ovulation will have shifted. Very classic. That's the problem if you rely on cycle calendar.
    I'm guessing at maximum (!!!) at the beginning of the 6th week, say 5 + x

    In an ELSS hcg would still be produced and even if your hcg is very low, which is synonymous sometime stronger. But low hcg says nothing about getting pregnant.
    A HCG result brings but little, you need at least 2 at intervals of 48 hours to see if the HCG increases properly.

  • reply - 5: In the 8SSW you will not be. It has probably all postponed and you were not so far that your body has produced enough Beta HCG. Such cases are actually more frequent. It may also be that it is not intact SS is and that's why everything developed so hesitantly. I'll keep your fingers crossed. You can even report. HCG is now determined first to see if you are really pregnant. And then it's time to wait and see how the miracle develops.
  • reply - 6: Do you have on 26.07. also made a clearblue and if so, was that then negative?
    I think three positive test and CB 2-3 you will probably be pregnant. :-) a quiet "Congratulations".
  • reply - 7: How did it end? Can you be happy?

  • reply - 8: Hello :)
    So yes, I'm happy now I'm in the 7th Ssw :) Apparently I knew before the actual pregnancy that I'm pregnant. Laugh :)
    Hope everything goes well and thanks again :)
  • reply - 9: My congratulations and all the best for the future.
  • reply - 10: Congratulations good luck and a nice ss

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