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Development of dizygotic twins in pictures

See in this picture gallery how dizygotic twins develop during pregnancy - from fertilization to birth.

  • That is how twins develop

    The illustrator Peg Gerrity, who specializes in medical graphics, takes us on a virtual journey: a pregnancy with dizygotic twins from the moment of implantation to birth.

  • 3 weeks

    Bidentate twins (not identical) are more common than identical ones. Each baby grows from another egg cell (zygote). After three weeks, each zygote has developed into a sphere of hundreds of cells called the blastocyst, which settles in the abdomen.

  • 4 weeks

    The twins are now embryos, divided into two types of cells that will later develop into organs and body parts. Starting next week, each child will have their own amniotic sac and placenta.

  • At eight weeks, your twins already have moving arms and legs. Their hearts beat for about two weeks. Gradually, the nerve cells in the brain branch and connect.
  • Her twins are stretching and kicking each other. Her hands are held in front of her chest and her little fingernails begin to grow. The eyelids have already developed. The first tooth buds develop in the mouth.
  • Your babies now have distinctive fingerprints. They make faces and wriggle. In addition, they have begun to excrete the amniotic fluid that they swallow. In the ultrasound you can now recognize the sex.
  • Talk to your twins - they could hear you from now on. The first hair down shows on the head. On the skin has formed a white, greasy shell that protects your children from the long bath in the amniotic fluid.
  • Now your baby's eyebrows grow. The tooth buds for the milk and the second teeth are ready, and the taste buds are also developed. The skin of the children is red and schrumplig.
  • Their twins can now open their eyes, they already have eyelashes on their eyelids. The skin smoothes slowly, because under fat layers are created. Your children may suck on the thumb and sometimes you may feel that one of them has hiccups.
  • Now all fingers and toes have complete nails. Arms, legs and trunk become fuller. Some babies already have a nice coat of hair. Most twins will be born within the next few weeks.
  • Most twins are born in week 36. The lungs are often fully trained as early as week 34. In recent weeks, the children are simply gaining weight and forming layers of fat to protect themselves from the cold outside the abdomen. Twins weigh on average around 2800 grams at birth.

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