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Amnionstrang 18ssw


Hello, I was at my FA yesterday and she saw an Amnion train. She said that he is not dangerous because he is thin and a little bit far from the baby. She gave me a referral to do a differentiated ultrasound. (I have an appointment next Thursday)
I'm worried because I read on the internet that this Amnionstrang can lead to birth defects if he touches the baby!
Does anyone have experience with it ? I'm totally stressed out


  • reply - 1: These strands could pinch off arms and or legs ... just like a band. Amnion strands are not bad. Wait for the appointment and do not make you crazy. Trust your FA.
  • reply - 2: Hello, I also have such a strand and am now in the 34th Ssw. Do not go crazy, that's just the moment we start to worry about our child. And that will always be the case. Something can always happen, but the probability is not high. I'll cross my fingers for you! In the past women did not know it, today we can not influence it either. How was the last investigation? LG :)
  • reply - 3: Thanks for your support! I did the differentiated ultrasound and everything was fine except for a white patch in his heart, but that's not bad, my FA said. I hope that my baby gets well, but as you said, we can not influence that!
    I wish you health and happiness for the next few weeks LG

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