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Diagnosis = streptococcus B :(


As my title says, a streptococcal infection was diagnosed today .... I'm pretty depressed at the moment! Do not continue slowly ... my first ss was so easy and now the second is completely different ... After lettzte week I found out that I have already blown, I had today again to control the doctor .. the good: the blows are gone, ie. Magnesium helps! Now the doctor knows why I've been blowing ... That comes through this streptococcal B infection ... Does anyone know ??? Has anyone had experience with it??? I still despair here ... my doctor has said nothing exactly ... he has prescribed me an antibiotic ... Hmm ... Would be nice if you could probably tell something, if you have made experiences with it ...


  • reply - 1: Hello !!!

    This was also stated recently with me and I have also received an antibiotic: The whole is absolutely not bad and have many women in the SS. During the birth you will probably get again antibiotics, so that your little one is not infected and that's it as far as I know. In any case, the midwife in the KH said that many have this and absolutely nothing bad. Hope I could help you !?

  • reply - 2: HEY bee thank you ... that calms me down a bit ... :) of course you are totally worried ... Then I hope that it really is so good ....
  • reply - 3: Yes I can confirm, in my first SSW I had the same problem mitlerweile my big is almost 10 years old and top fit !!!

    HEAD up and everything continues.

  • reply - 4: Thank you angel :)
  • reply - 5: I was randomly diagnosed with streptococcus B on a smear that was supposed to be made before a planned fallopian tube "puffing". It did not take place after that, but I was told at the time that it is only important to know one birth, because of the antibiotic treatment.
    Well, now I'm finally pregnant and I'm not very worried about it.It's good if you know it soon enough ...
  • reply - 6: Hello,

    You can also find information directly here at Babycenter.
    I do not want to drive anyone crazy but a risk of infection can exist at birth. My son and I are ill at birth.
    The probability is very low. However, I would know exactly how the treatment looks like under the birth. especially with a spontaneous delivery or an imperial cut.

    Greetings and all the best

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