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Every day a little Mother's Day

Mother's Day is only once a year, but a little relaxation in between can always be good. As a Swiss proverb says: "Mother is the best - when she is well, then everyone is fine."

Therefore, you should not only pamper yourself a little on Mother's Day and enjoy it, but also often do something good. Read here some great suggestions from other mothers, with which you too can break their everyday lives:

Spoken word
"I never come to reading, and I miss that very much. In my bookcase is a large selection of audiobooks and 'I read a lot' in the car, at the housework or even in the evening to fall asleep. "
-- Nancy, mother of Phillip, six, Andrew, four, and Eloise, one year

A treat for the feet
"I'm going to the pedicure. I enjoy it very much when someone else works on my feet. Nice side effect: My toes are now ready for the sandal season! It's great to be pampered! "
-- Kay Kay, mother of Katie Beth, eleven months

A "date" with the girlfriend
"I bring my daughter to grandma for a whole day and make friends with a friend for an ample, comfortable meal and a good movie. We order exactly what we feel like, without paying attention to the price or the calories. Sometimes we even get some cocktails. Then we go to the cinema, where we have a good time with popcorn. "
-- Maribeth, mother of Kate, seven months

Ladies' night
"I make an appointment to go out with my childless girlfriends and then stay overnight with them."
-- Melissa, mother of Nicholas, 17 months

Hold on to memories
"My passion is the creation of photo albums. I spend my free time pasting photos and memorabilia into my album. And I can wonderfully hang my memories. "
-- Beth, mother of Cameron, nine months

Shopping until you drop
"Together with my cousin, I did a 24-hour, child-free shopping trip! Our husbands cared for the kids and we stayed at a pension. Even though I called home every three hours, it was great to try on clothes without the baby crate in the cabin, without feeding the baby every few hours and without lugging the diaper bag. "
-- Darla, mother of Ian, two, and Peyton, eight months

Retreat to the thermal bath
"My three sisters and I leave the children and husbands at home and visit a wellness center. There is an affordable offer with sauna, thermal bath and massage. Then it goes to the food in our favorite café. However, we have one rule: There is no complaining about work, men or children. "
-- Karin, mother of Mark, six months

movie Matinee
"Once a week, I attend a morning performance that starts at the time of my son's morning nap. During the preview, I silence him in the dark, and by the time the film starts, he usually fell asleep in my lap. Then I lean back and relax for an hour and a half. "
-- Joanne, mother of George, eleven months

breakfast in bed
"My husband takes over the morning shift by awakening Pippa and having breakfast with her and taking care of Edward after I have breastfed him. Then he brings me a cup of tea, toast and jam to bed. Later we go for a walk, have lunch in a kid-friendly restaurant and spend the afternoon sitting comfortably in front of the TV, with Mary Poppins or something similar. "
-- Chess, mother of Pippa, four, and Edward, four months

Sweet Dreams
"I take a hot bath, read a new magazine, and go to bed at nine, while my husband takes care of the baby until half past one. That way I can sleep a few hours in a row. "
-- Beth, mother of Samuel, nine months

"I attend adult education courses where I learn things that I can do with my hands, which has a strong therapeutic effect on me. In a woodworking course, for example, I built a mirror with a cherrywood frame, which now adorns our wall, and I just finished a crochet course. "- Leslie, mother of Gracie, one year

Ready for the hotel
"Once, when it just got to be too much for me with two children under the age of two, I gave the responsibility to my husband, packed an overnight bag and went to a hotel. There I read a magazine undisturbed, listened to the radio, had a drink, had a long shower and slept deeply for a whole night. It was heavenly. "
-- Barbara, mother of Shane, two, and Ashley, 15 months

coffe break
"When I have a busy night or a turbulent morning with the baby behind me, I treat myself to a latte macchiato on my way to work. These are the little excesses that I do when it gets particularly stressful. "
-- Tricia

(Foot) bathing fun
"I take a hot foot bath and then sit in the bathroom, all alone, and read. No one is allowed to come in until I'm finished. "
-- Stacy, mother of Nathalie, nine months

Tea time
"I love to sneak away for tea in a chic hotel and for a change me to be served. "
-- Mary Benson, mother of Brendan

Do you also have a relaxation tip for other moms? Then tell them about it - in our community.

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