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You and your baby: 2 months, 1 week

How your baby is developing

In a word: fast. From now on your baby will weigh about one kilo more each month. You've probably already noticed that it stays awake much longer - some are active up to ten hours a day. Your baby will also get stronger. He can now lift his head off the ground, if only for a few shaky seconds. One of your baby's new abilities is to be able to focus on objects up to 30 centimeters apart and track them with their eyes as they move back and forth in front of his face. Maybe it also looks at his own hand, if you do that as well. The ability to watch his hand is the first step to reach out and grab his arm.

More about the development with two months.

The next investigation is due

In U4, between the ages of two and four months, weight and height are recorded, and again the reflexes and organs are examined. The doctor tests whether the fontanelle (the gap in the skull) is still open enough for baby's head to continue growing. The hip is checked again for malpositions. The doctor will perform hearing and first eye tests. You can combine this doctor's appointment with the first vaccinations.
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We play!

Two awesome game ideas that could make your baby fun this week and encourage its development!

Her life: more self-confidence than parents

Slowly you may feel safer in your role as a mother, though you are probably terribly tired and wish that the nightly feeding ends at last. Try to go to bed if your baby sleeps during the day. Even if that means having to ask a friend to look after your older child. Feeding, wrapping and bathing have gone into your blood, even if it still costs you most of the day. A positive development is that your baby evidently appreciates your efforts - and rejoins you with a radiant smile.

Parent tip: Treat yourself with help

"Think of occasionally hiring a teenager from your place to babysit for them, you do not even have to go out of the house if you're not feeling well, you can lie down in the bathtub for two or three hours read a book or do some left-over duties. " - Megan
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