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Hello mum
Say your spiders also spit so much? My days are fine and then it's a disaster again. I'm constantly on the run to change. Sometimes only very clear liquid, like water, comes. Do you know that too?


  • reply - 1: So with me it is not so bad with the spit but, I know this water liquid well :)
  • reply - 2: Sophia spits a lot. Often I think why do I fill something in, when everything comes back. :-) I do not change them every time. Or do a battery up.
  • reply - 3: Yes, I know. Sometimes a whole load of mumi comes up again - because she just has too much to slobber and deas does not stomach with the stomach.
    Every time I pull my little but not, because they also slobber pretty much and there would a body hold only 10 miniten

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