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Good Morning,
Since I always find individual contributions to diseases, I now open one in which one can collect them. I hope it is OK.


  • reply - 1: And I start myself.
    Mats has had a cold and cough for over a week. Since yesterday, the cold is so strong that he gets little air, bad drinking and sleeping and the whole day is crying. Have saline and breast milk done in his nose, but so far without success. Does anyone have a hint?
  • reply - 2: I had the same problem! I got myself in the pharmacy a nasal aspirator to connect to the vacuum cleaner! Sounds crazy, but helps sooo good! Had the midwife recommended in the birth preparation course!
  • reply - 3:

    The best investment for the baby!

  • reply - 4: Something of;)
  • reply - 5: This is also available for sucking with your mouth. It's called NoseFrida and you can also get it in the pharmacy. Do not worry, you will not get the mucus in your mouth - there is a hygiene filter. I preferred that. Then I do not have to get up at night and turn on the vacuum cleaner if my little one gets air again.
  • reply - 6: As far as the suckers are concerned, everyone has a different opinion. My pediatrician advised against it. But had previously bought one and did not work with us.
  • reply - 7: Our little one is endangered by me to get eczema. We were already at the pediatrician and he said that she is prone to dry skin. Therefore, we must now cream it as a precaution every day.
  • reply - 8: What do you use to cream? Mine has the same problem ...
  • reply - 9: The pediatrician recommended me dexeryl cream. So far, I am satisfied with the cream, can be spread easily and seems to be productive.
    Have directly bought the 500 ml tube and I'm curious how long I can get it.

    Do you do anything else as a precaution?

  • reply - 10: I can warmly recommend the engelwurzbalm ... I have always used with me for colds and small gets him too ... A little bit on the nose and next door and it dissolves in my opinion better ...
    The nasal aspirator we have tested with friends, I'm still not completely convinced

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