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The miracle of technology


Because there is always something ...

all problems with the technology, app, browser whatever and the appropriate solution proposals please here.


  • reply - 1: I'll start right now.
  • reply - 2: Please wave all times, where the formationsleiste including emoticons nin app does not funzt * wink *

    And please also post what you have for your smartphone
    - a version of the operating system and
    Which app version you have.

    I'm going crazy. ...

  • reply - 3: iPhone 4s with iOS 7.1.2 the app works fine, the button Babyclub does not work, I have to go in via "more".
  • reply - 4: is noted :)
  • reply - 5: And I can not use emoticons on my phone anymore :(
  • reply - 6: I do not either. Already done, Leka.
  • reply - 7: We are very sorry, but there are currently problems with some iPhone users who have our app. Our technology is informed and is working hard on a solution.

    Please excuse the inconvenience and have some patience with us.

  • reply - 8: Well we will not leave the club because of that 
  • reply - 9: Nah no .... you stay nice here ... :)
  • reply - 10: Be the new update on my phone, everything works great again.   
    Upload pictures.
    Have a Windows Phone 8.1.

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