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Rhesus factor negative


Hello my dears

Is any of you also Rhesusfactor negative ???? I've got a question since one is vaccinated so quasi that the body does not form antigens and you can get more healthy children. Does anyone have experience with it and despite that several children and has always gone well? We would like to have more children, but I'm not so aware of the risk.

Would like to hear your experiences.


  • reply - 1: Hello, I am also Rhesus negative and have 4 children, all without complications. It is important that you receive the prophylactic injection during pregnancy, almost like a vaccine and then after birth, the baby's blood type is checked immediately. If the baby is also Rhesus negative, then nothing has to be done, is the baby Rhesus factor positive, then you get back the same syringe that you have received during pregnancy. The point is that the body does not make any antibodies, which it would do if the baby's RHesus factor is positive and the mother's blood comes into contact with the baby's blood, which happens at birth at the latest. If that happens, miscarriage will occur at the next pregnancy or the baby would be very ill. The syringe prevents this antibody formation. And thus also the risk of miscarriage or illness.
  • reply - 2: I also have two children. Have only got the syringe on the second SS because I had to do an amniocentesis. Both girls are negative. There is now a blood test with father and mother in the ss can already determine whether child is positive or negative. It is about the fact that in case of possible blood mixture of baby and mother blood of the child causes the mother to form antibodies - so the syringes after birth are necessary. During the ss there are different procedures. In some countries, there is an automatic syringe in others only if there is a risk or indication that the child has lost blood-gum bleeding, amniocentesis ...

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