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Hair dryer for reassurance


Hello my dears,
I have a question. My kid is almost 6 months old now. Unfortunately, he refused to give birth to the pacifier, so something else had to come from. Since he almost cried the first nights at home, my habamme recommended me to use a hair dryer to warm him with it on the stomach. However, Ben alone has enough noise to calm down. Meanwhile, we have a hair dryer app on the i pad :-) which you can also make loud and quiet. So slowly I'm worried if he can get a hearing problem. So the app is really quiet so he just hears it. Only when he cries, she is briefly made louder. With Föhn he sleeps much quieter and because he is still hungry at night for two hours, I'm glad if he sleeps between. Does anyone have the hair dryer for reassurance? And what do you think harms him?
thank you very much!


  • reply - 1: The sound of the hair dryer simulates only the sounds the child knows from the womb. There it is quite loud: rushing of the blood, bowel sounds, heartbeat. And then babies should sleep suddenly, when it is very quiet. No wonder the dwarves feel abandoned.

    I'm sure it will not hurt. So let him have his beloved sound :-)

  • reply - 2: Hi!
    How funny our Ben likes to sleep with Föninzwischen he is 21 months old and "needs" the hair dryer only rarely. If he can not turn off in the evening while falling asleep. Or if he once had a bad dream.
    We also had phases because he fell asleep only with hair dryer.
    I do not worry about that at all. He does not fall asleep when I take a shower, only my hair is wet

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