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Birth story of Corinne and Noah

I am writing this story now that my dear Noah was already 6 years old. Surely I forgot some details, but here is my story:

Four days before the expected date of birth, I woke up in the middle of the night. It was about 1:00 o'clock. I half went to the bathroom, looked into my pants and thought my bladder had failed. My pants were wet. I could not believe that this would happen to me. It took a while before I realized that I had a bubble jump. I woke my husband then. After calling the hospital, he ordered a taxi and off we went. We had towels, because more and more water went out. In the taxi, my husband called our parents and said we were on our way to the hospital.

Once there, I told about my bubble jump. The staff said I should go for a walk. But that was no longer possible. I already had very strong contractions that were not painful but so uncomfortable that I just could not walk anymore. That's why I sat in the waiting room. There are a few photos of this moment and I look forward to no case. Rather angry. I was then taken to a room where I had to wait for a CTG. Another woman in the same room apparently already had painful labor. At that time I still did not know what was coming up to me, and so I only thought with these screams: "My goodness, I will not do such a theater!".

Then everything went very fast. I went briefly into the bathtub, but wanted to get out again immediately. Then I came to lie on the bed and everything went very fast. All I know is that it hurt like hell and that I screamed and screamed. (And I did not want to do theater ... well ...). I had forgotten because of all the pain that there is the PDA. At some point I just said, "I can not do more". My husband was very nice and patient. I yelled at him anyway. Suddenly I felt a terrible pain. "What's this?" I called. I had been made an episiotomy without warning. Since I was really angry.

But only a few moments later Noah came. It was about 5:30. As soon as he was born and lay in my arms, the pain disappeared as if by magic. I could barely understand what had happened. Who was this little creature? Noah was put on my chest and immediately sucked like a pro. The afterbirth came then, the episiotomy was sewn. I felt like a queen. I had done it! But I also said to myself, "Remember this pain very well! Remember it well before you get pregnant again!".

And then came the maternal love, which can only be understood if you yourself became a mum. There is nothing more beautiful than the love for his child.

Now I'm pregnant again and soon our little Tabea is coming. Let's see how this birth will be ...


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