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Hello my dears!

I'm unfortunately not at all good .. have been a SD subfunction for years, currently I take the
L-thyroxine 100 a ..
Before the SS, the dosage was 75mg per day.
At the beginning of the SS was then controlled by ne blood loss u found that must be increased to 100mg- THAT WAS ALTHOUGH IN DAMALS IND IN THE 14th SSW !!
Now I have learned today that every 4-6 weeks, the values ​​would have to be re-examined to make sure that the dosage should be increased as the SS progresses.
am now in the 39th (+4) SSW and the last time was just stopped in the 14th SSW !!!
(at that time the value was 1.0 and in the 2nd trimester everything is ok up to the value 2.5 ...)
Now yesterday blood was taken to test how the values ​​are now and if there had been a change .. is anyway too late because the birth is probably already in less than a week.
But still it would be good to know to be prepared for anything ... and just to know what the value looks like.
Result I get only on Tuesday.


Did you have such experience? Please help me, my mood is in the basement, I'm just crying. I can not anymore. This thought that might have happened drives me insane.


  • reply - 1: Be sure that your baby will be unaffected. It's all about your body. The value changes because your body is doing a great job. Actually, as your meds increase, your blood needs to be checked regularly to see if it is Dose is sufficient ... if necessary go higher ... The current value is also important after birth. If you want to breastfeed, you must take the same dose as at the beginning of the SS. Do not you stop, you have to reduce again .Deinem baby is fine. Do not worry. The value does not change from the 18SSw anymore. It has everything to do with the HCG Which then indeed decreases again.
  • reply - 2: Thanks for your answer.

    May I ask how you know the value from the
    18th SSW is no longer rising?

    So how do you get that?
    And where could I read that it really is?

  • reply - 3: Many women have a sub-function and do not know it. Even those get healthy children.

    A value of 1 is great and so much does not fluctuate again if you regularly take thyroxine. Even with 1.5 in the direction of under-function or 0.5 towards over-function, you would still be great.So, even if it fluctuated up or down, your score would be in the green range and the green range goes much further!

    So do not panic, concentrate on the essential, all the best for the birth!

  • reply - 4: That is handled very differently. Some say 2-3 times in pregnancy is enough, others test every few weeks and in women who had previously been undetected, is not tested.
    Talk to your doctor about your fears on Monday. If the child had not been properly cared for during pregnancy, I assume your doctor would have seen it.

    Greetings and always think positive.

  • reply - 5: I have four children.3 of them I got SD after a total op on the basis of SD cancer. My SS always started with the endocrinologist. Because of that, I can tell you so exactly. The SD hormone is pregnant and important for creating a healthy SS.But beyond that just for your body. Your baby has her own organs at a certain point in time and they take over their work as well. Where did you hear that it harms your baby so much that it could be dangerous ... your source is urgently informed. Also a midwife and especially a gynecologist should know something important.
  • reply - 6: My FA said that if the dose I took up to Jz was far too low, .. the consequences for the child could cause either physical or mental problems.

    And everywhere you can read about exactly that.
    So it's not something that only MY doctor says, it's just like that.

    I am angry that he did not tell me that I should constantly check the SD values ​​every 4-6 weeks. The last time I had a check in the 14th SSW
    But now I am 39 + 5 !!!

    in two days is my ET .. and also exactly on this day
    my blood results come as the values ​​now look like, and if I had needed a higher dose in all of that long time will show up that day.

    14th week so middle 2nd trimester was my value at 1.0
    It's good! But just if the need has changed after that I do not know!
    That's what makes me crazy!

    1st & 2nd trimester = up to 2.5
    3rd trimester = up to 3.0

  • reply - 7: Yes ... at the beginning of a SS.When the little creature forms.But at some point your baby has created his own thyroid .This forms your own hormones and it is assumed that the thyroid of a child is healthy.Du only need for food. ..for example, iodine provide food. Do not go crazy. I do not have thyroid anymore. My values ​​have never been 100% under control. You will hold a healthy baby in your arms. And keep your fingers away from Doctor Google. It's worth a lot of Halbwissen.Dein value was in the 14SSw i.o.dann there is not much happened. Just remember to inform you about breastfeeding. Since your body needs more hormone.
  • reply - 8: Thank you for soothing me!
    It was great to read your posts.

    may I ask how old you are?

  • reply - 9: I'm 39J. I'm glad that I could calm you down a bit. It's quite normal that you are worried. That will bring Mama with him. Soon you can cuddle. 
  • reply - 10: I'm 28 years old and this will be my first child.

    At the second I will do so much different !!!!

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