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The first year is almost over and the first ones are coming to the kindergarten soon.
Here should be room for all questions and advice.

I'll start right away:
What slippers you have for the little ones. I tend to leather crawlers.

Matschhose, from the Aldi was unfortunately still too large. Which one can you recommend?

Mine can not run yet. What kind of shoes are right for outside in the sandbox? Actually she should get her first shoes only if she can walk properly.



  • reply - 1: Look in the thread, if you find there ne answer.

  • reply - 2: I had so many feet for both boys to cover. Including a pair of leather slippers for outside and they were prepared for any weather. However, it did not take long for both of them to become much more mobile through the other children in the day care center and then they also walked properly
  • reply - 3: In our kindergarten, the children go out in dry weather with the shoes that I bring him to the kindergarten. For wet cold days, the children have extra (fed in winter) sweat jacket and rubber boots. Mine could already run when he came to kindergarten. Many of the larger ones wear these Lederschühchen and stopper socks for the gym. Mine has firmer slippers with Velcro.

    I always buy the slippers at lidl because they just grow out too fast.
    For me, the little things can still orders and then everything comes in the altkleiderspende

  • reply - 4: I would buy the leather crawlers. They are super to handle and the tots can learn to walk in there super.

  • reply - 5: Do you label everything?
    Who has a great lunch box that holds well but also fast from the very small to use?
  • reply - 6: With the clothes I write with Edding or Kuli the name on the label. For shoes on the sole. Lunch box I took one from Ikea for 5 euros (with subdivided compartments). Mine easily gets on. You are astonished, once you look and you already know how it works 
  • reply - 7: Thanks. I have coolies here  
    I need a box where just a bread fits in. Everything else gets the spot.
  • reply - 8: Hello,
    We have the opportunity to give my son to the childminder or in the crib. I once wanted to ask where your go and what you find better.

  • reply - 9: It all depends on how your personal situation is. When I was accidentally pregnant in education with my large, the childminder was the first choice for me, because I had irregular working hours and are simply more flexible. In addition, the children are usually cared for in smaller groups.

    Since I only work in the evening now, I do not need a childminder for the little one anymore and the big one has been going to kindergarten for one year. We are very satisfied.

    The little one will bring next summer then also there.

    My personal opinion is that child minders are more suitable for smaller children and babies, but you do not have to see it that way

  • reply - 10: I prefer kindergarten. How is it, if the childminder suddenly gets sick, then there is an immediate representation. If she has holidays, do I have to take holidays during this time? Since, if it should be so, I do not want this, I prefer the kindergarten.

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