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To exchange about wearing big and little favorite people!
Carrying aid, towels, tying, tandem carrying and wearing in pregnancy :)


  • reply - 1: I have worn my baby since birth and since he was about 6 months in a cloth on his back. Now he is 14 months tight 11kilo and continues to be worn almost every day on his back. I'm not worried about the pregnancy. Want to wear it for as long as possible :)
  • reply - 2: I'm looking forward to the wearing time again! At the beginning I was wearing my little one in the hoppediz and when he was older in the manduca
  • reply - 3: I really hope that I'll get pregnant again after a month in August.
    And I'm looking forward to wearing it crazy. Have made the training for wearing advice and finally wants to wear a mini again. Yesterday I was wearing my nearly 4 year old boy again after about one year, because he had surgery and was not allowed to walk, but we had to get out with the dogs <3
  • reply - 4: I have worn my little one several times daily for the first 7 months with a MySol from Girasol. Then I had to stop because of the weight and my back-pelvic problems and have them now and then worn on the back. But I'm happy again to be allowed to carry the baby daily.
  • reply - 5: oh how great a support consultant you can tell me which halfbuckle is best for newborns? that would be nice
  • reply - 6: I'm also thinking about doing the training. Was it worth it for you? Do you work alongside as a consultant? Where did you do the training?
  • reply - 7: Which exactly, I can not say, because of the individual physique for everyone else is comfortable and suitable. But what I can say is that the back part should be made of cloth. I have as selection eg a mysol of girasol and a pretty girl :)
  • reply - 8: Since I am very busy privately I hardly work as a consultant. Every few months I have some advice. Do not actively advertise ..
    Financially, it has not paid off yet, but with every consultation, I am pleased when the feedback comes later, that my advice has borne fruit. Personally, that honors me enough right now :)

    I did the training at the Trageschule Hamburg. The basic course with exam, the advanced course I did, but no exams since then.

  • reply - 9: true flat rate you can probably never say .. but thank you .. have the pretty girl in the eye or the kokadi tai tai 
  • reply - 10: I myself lead no kokadi in my assortment, but has a very good reputation among colleagues :)

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