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  • reply - 1: Today I gave my little one squish with apple banana and baby biscuit and he has fed very little of it but then his cheek was red. My husband was already scared because it did not look "healthy" in his opinion. The red, however, disappeared again and otherwise he was also normal knows a coincidence what that could be? 
  • reply - 2: Hmmm I would almost say coincidence ... but thu watch it the next time ... give it 2-3 spoon and wait if the same thing happens ....
  • reply - 3: How quickly did the red cheeks come and how long did it last?
    Otherwise, as Leticia has already said ... again try a few spoons and watch.
  • reply - 4: It came after 5-10 minutes and lasted only 10 minutes after that it was completely gone. Will try again today
  • reply - 5: Then it was probably not an allergy
  • reply - 6: How do I know when he is allergic to anything?  
    I gave him the squeeze again today and was all good so no red cheeks nothing 
  • reply - 7: My daughter is sniffing for about 2 weeks only at night ... So so about 23/24 clock ... morning, when we get up, then everything is fine again. The saline nose drops do not help.Does anyone have a tip against it and an idea why it can be that she has that at night? Oh yes, we open with windows ...
  • reply - 8: Hello,
    is he already getting teeth or is he teething? It could also be a reason when his cheeks turn red or he may be allergic to something. Have to try it more often and pay attention to whether something changes or if the same thing happens to him. Greetings Nathalia and John (7 months)
  • reply - 9: Hello,
    Hmm good question, maybe put on a little warmer or try to sleep without an open window? Just give it a try;) Regards Nathalia and John
  • reply - 10: During the night, just the Schmodder collects something in the nose. Reasons can be different - runny nose, teething, weather conditions (ozone, heat), ...
    If she really can not breathe and she can not sleep, then maybe Banynasentropfen (Nasivin or similar). Otherwise again and again saltwater solution and rinse the nose with it. Onion bags also help really well, but it stinks a bit (with the window open maybe not so bad).

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