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Pregnant? :-)


Hello my dears. My friend and I slept on Saturday. To say in advance we have a desire for children. When we were done, we realized that the condom got stuck in me. I went to the bathroom and got it out. As I look at it, I see that it was still broken. There was not much sperm in the condom. Now comes the trick of the whole thing I would have to ovulate today or tomorrow. Only I have a cold. Can it be that my ovulation now fails? And what do you think about the possibility of pregnancy? I look forward to many many answers 


  • reply - 1: Hello why you prevent condom or even if you have a desire to have children?

  • reply - 2: We wanted to wait a bit until we set off, because we bought a house last year and wanted to finish it completely.
  • reply - 3: Hello dear Claudia. Whether your ES wg a cold fails I do not know! Do you have ovus at home? Then you can test if and when he comes! And if it worked out, you can currently no net say I think there you have to wait a bit and then NEN early test if you make it to overdue mens net aushälst or just wait for the mens ...
  • reply - 4: Yes that was the plan .... I'll wait. :-) just want to ask in the round what are the opinions about it ;-) Ovus I do not have.

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