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Problems with the app


Hello dear ones, have just learned from Susanne that probably have some problems with advertising in the app. Then a page pops up and nothing works. Should it also affect someone here please contact me.


  • reply - 1: I have had the last days over and over again, thought I had been hacked, even though I have an antivirus on the phone.
  • reply - 2: It's the same with me, but only with mobile data. When I am at home and in the WLAN, the app works without problems 
  • reply - 3: Was synonymous with me on the phone.
    The app on the phone for fear of a virus deleted
  • reply - 4: Do you live in Austria? Do you use Android devices?
  • reply - 5: Oh yes, who should have screenshots of it you can also post it here
  • reply - 6: Yes in Vienna and yes to the Android device

  • reply - 7: Thank you
  • reply - 8: For me it is synonymous with mobile data .. With WLAN is nothing .. Also from Austria and Android 
  • reply - 9: Twice yes
  • reply - 10: Thank you. Have that forwarded now. Will work again soon

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