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Hello my dears, I have been busy for a few days now: I know my family and everyone is looking forward to a new little family member. I think she will be overwhelmed with presents .. what do I do with the "big one" (almost 3 years) should I get him a few little things that he gets then? does he get a great present? or nothing? do I worry too much? I am so insecure, my son is so sensitive ...
how do you do this?


  • reply - 1: We will let our son bring a present from the baby :-)

    Everything else I think he does not get anyway, then he is only one and a half years old at birth ...

  • reply - 2: We already collect little things when the big empties out and the baby is overwhelmed. Nothing great but a few small pleasures (bathtub colors, juggling towels, stickers, booklet, ...)

    But there will be no great gift for birth. There comes the baby anyway, that gives enough excitement ;-)
    And then it's Christmas anyway, and another month later her birthday.

  • reply - 3: Our 2 big 20 now and soon 19 were also only 18 months apart and it was very important to me that they get along well. When our Sarah came to visit the hospital we brought your brother in the baby room he was not with me and that was good so she was so delighted she wanted to take everyone away. It is important to talk a lot before and tell what comes and always integrate. She was always with me at breastfeeding and wrap this effort has paid off they have always been well understood until today!
  • reply - 4: I also know that the newborn brings a gift to the sibling :)
  • reply - 5: We did not want to pick up anything for our big one, but I wanted to ask my friends and relatives to bring her a little something and if it was just alae. Think it is otherwise pretty frustrating, especially since the small yes anyway permanently in the spotlight.
  • reply - 6: I've also thought about it, our big one is almost 5 when the baby comes. I would like her to pick a present for the baby with me or my husband, something she wants to do, whether it's a cuddly toy or a petticoat or anything else is left to her. That's your personal gift. She's going to buy a silver necklace with a star on it (she thinks all the babies are waiting in the stars before they come into the stomach). This necklace then brought the baby for her as a present. I'll just say that I've just discovered the necklace in the baby's bed and that's definitely for her! I hope she buys me :-)
  • reply - 7: Our big one will be 2 years old at the end of November. She will get a gift from the baby and the visitors will bring her something as well. But since the ET is at Christmas and she already gets many gifts in the time, we do not want to exaggerate it. She certainly will not be jealous because she will not even know where the whole thing is coming from. 
  • reply - 8: That's a sweet idea .... I think I'll copy that to you ..... 
  • reply - 9: Do I find it important that the sibling gets something small, đa it can happen many times, that you feel as if you are being looked at from the outside and that you may be able to build fears or loss-of-your-life. There was baby sitting in the foreground. It does not have to be big, but a little recognition is important for the success. The siblings are also going through a new phase in their lives and this can be difficult for them to see children.

    Enclosed I was also very careful that they are included from the beginning completely, for example, when winding or something. You can submit yes the pampers or wet wipes.

    Find it a nice idea that the baby brings along. My daughter 11 years also gets something small. Can unpack the gifts for the baby and so on.

    The big ones also need a lot of attention on their first time. And just as much love and cuddling

  • reply - 10: I'm very reassured that I'm not alone in such thoughts. I was already afraid to exaggerate ;-) but the thought that my little boy is sadly standing by and watching is terrible. I already had the idea with the different little things .. I think I will do that. I do not want to be that big because of Christmas and my birthday in January ...

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