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Good morning dear girls,

I have not been here too long so I read through many topics that interest me from the beginning.

What strikes me ... in almost every 2nd theme I read through me there are kids under you. I know our hormones are crazy and sometimes we are a little over-stressed but you do not have to feel constantly attacked when someone expresses their opinion or a fact.

It is always so stupid to me, that I do not want to add my actual contribution, to the topic anymore and I just think about going out here.

Some probably think ... then go ... nobody forces you to stay here. But I like the idea of ​​the baby club incredibly well and it helps me ... if the kids were not :-( ;-)

Think about it! It does not have to be! :-)


  • reply - 1: You are absolutely right.
    That's exactly what I often think!
  • reply - 2: I think something terrible all want to have some advice and then be angezickt. Hormones or not, the zicke does not seem to belong here but sometimes you do not want to get over bitchy but that's always the way you interpret that in writing
  • reply - 3: That's right
    It always depends on how you interpret the written.
    One can say yes garnet evil but the other person feels then attacked.
    I do not think that will change that.
    We're all too different and that's good too;)
  • reply - 4: Yes, you're right there ... probably will not change but I had to get rid of it and now I'm better :-P

  • reply - 5: I see exactly like you!
    That's a great thing that you can use well.
    Then sometimes one can really save his comments.
  • reply - 6: I think it's like mele says, I've noticed it already and I often think about it three times if I write something. Especially since I write from mobile phone because you often have no desire to write with smileys or the like .. because then the practical text that you can then misunderstand.
  • reply - 7: Unfortunately, some things come over wrong, so that some feel attacked.
    However, there are unfortunately really those who are attacking, sluggish and disrespectful.
    Find 'must be really net something.
    Beforehand a bit worse, and stay polite, then makes it all a lot more fun :)
  • reply - 8: I come here as slowly as when the marmot greets ...
  • reply - 9: Say, do not bother you even the bitches have to have my ALWAYS the last word ;-)
  • reply - 10: Jo ... see pet thread

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