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Hello my dears,

was today (15 + 2) at the FÄ because I discovered some brown blood yesterday.

During the ultrasound, the doctor said that my placenta would be right at the exit, if there was anything else in the blood, she had to take me out of circulation. I was in a panic.

But now I have often heard that the placenta still hochwandert..die doctor also said that in the best case could happen. You can see that in 4 long weeks. Nevertheless, she has diagnosed deep placenta.

Do you have experience with it? I am looking forward to your Answers.


  • reply - 1: Hello Huelbi!
    It was noticed at about the same time on my last ss. Just three weeks later she had "hiked" upwards. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be at.dir.so too.
    I wish a wonderful rest-SS.
  • reply - 2: Hey huelbi! I do not know about it. But keep your fingers crossed that she walks high. Did she say anything if you can influence that? And otherwise, should you continue as before? Such a scare! But otherwise all right with the baby? How big is the week? Of course I do not ask that unselfishly ;-)
    How does that work with your boss, good?
  • reply - 3: Huelbi, I have that too! Our chances are good that the placenta is still high! Was cleared up yesterday exactly! I am also afraid, but my midwife has said that it is very possible that the placenta is still walking! Imagine this as with a balloon (food). You paint a point down on it (the placenta), then you blow it up and the point moves on upwards. So it is with the placenta. I have to wait 4 weeks until the next appointment and then the seat is checked again! We have recognized the problem and can now observe and act accordingly! I keep our fingers crossed that she has walked the next US!
  • reply - 4: Oh yes, I do not know what you were told, but I was told: NOTHING lift (handbag is the maximum weight), no extraordinary efforts, no sexual intercourse, no stretching. Walking is ok, I can continue to SS Yoga. IMMEDIATELY report any bleeding! These are precautionary measures if the placenta does not move!
  • reply - 5: Hello my dears .. and many thanks for your great and reassuring answers ... I was very happy :-)
    I'm in the last weeks in the relocation chaos, so I'll call me again now :-)

    @ Rose1..many thanks, I had made me smart after the last date .. a friend even said: Well and .. is quite normal, if she is still low, she "wandering" so now. That calms down me very much. And I hope in 2 weeks I get exactly the same good news as you :-)

    @ sarah..komisch that my SS twin does not have a deep-seated placenta :-) The doctor has not mentioned anything of protection or the like .. that the blood could easily come from a torn vessel, and they just me just another Bleeding again would have to withdraw from the market. Until now, everything was supi, and I hope the little has forgiven me the huge Umzugsstress .. because Schonung had been a nuisance. Hope now it stays like this :-) Otherwise everything was great .. I have probably a very strong kink in the uterus .. and since she has only sounded vaginal, she could somehow not see much. But it has trampled firm and everything else OK .. she just said she could not measure properly (which I found something funny, they could indeed sound from above). But that we will look very carefully in 4 weeks. Hm..hab no picture, no size and nothing to be said. I found something stupid .. but everything is ok :-) With the work everything works supi..arbeite mostly from 18-22h and that's really nice :-) Had not known how I would have moved the move in the service :-)
    Hope you are all right ... I am looking forward to an answer :-)

    @ Sternchen1983..gut to hear that I'm not alone :-) The point on the balloon, I also read times :-) But with the rules the DU got, I get almost a guilty conscience..hab often Lately Kutz raised heavy cardboard, and I also bent a lot. But since the doctor just said nothing at all, I thought, that's fine. Did you have a proper bleeding? The doctor only said that if there was anything in the blood again, she would have to put me out of action. Otherwise she probably saw no problem. Just that a caesarean section is necessary if the seat of the placenta does not change.

    Wish you all the best .. and thanks again for the lovely answers!

  • reply - 6: Do not be guilty, listen to your doctor! I had bleeding last week, just a few more trophies, now nothing! The baby is fine (that was controlled). Just like you, hope that the placenta hiked the next time! Keep your fingers crossed for us both!
  • reply - 7: Hey! So I think your fä had a bad day. That's a shame, you're always so happy.
    And you have the move behind you ??
    I'm wondering that I do not have that too, but I'll be back next week!
    By the way, I'm not going to work anymore ... I was smoked so hard at work now my fa pronounced a bv. Pretty lonely at home, but no use ...
  • reply - 8: Hello girls,

    have this heavily neglected, still moving relicts leftovers :-)
    Hope you are all fine!

    @ Sternchen1983.. luckily, your bleeding has stopped and I hope that in the meantime, everything is still fine with you. When do you have your next appointment? We are looking forward to Thursday..if we hopefully find out what it is and obs our treasure goes well. The tummy is growing, and I hope the placenta has moved away. Since I still feel no child movements, I hope for a front wall placenta :-) I keep our fingers crossed for both of us. And if the placenta gets stuck, then we make friends with a caesarean section and are happy that we have healthy babies, ok? I wish you all, all the best .. hope I come in the next time more often to write :-)

    @ sarah..na you're fine? So completely without work .. not bad or right? So if I had been smoked .. I would let me immediately give the BV. Can not endure cigarette smoke at the moment!
    You're right .. after the appointment, I was just as smart as before .. no size, and panic because of the placenta. We hope on Thursday for much more information :-) When is it back to you?
    Oh I'm reading straight .. were you the week already ?? All good? I'm looking forward to news :-)
    Yes the move is over and now almost everything in its place .. and now we have plenty of room for the baby :-)
    best regards

  • reply - 9:

    @Huelbi, we have control in a week on Tuesday, last week, the placenta had not yet moved - the stupid! Well, I make friends with the caesarean section, gives worse! Otherwise I'm fine. Our dwarf is working hard. Tonight I was at a charity benefit concert, which was great. Our Dwarf has been playing around wildly as soon as the music has stopped. If it went on, it was immediately quiet. :-)

    I bought a CD there (in favor of children, who had to suffer psychological torment). Tomorrow I want to test if our dwarf is really on it (acoustic guitar with vocals). If I had nothing against, the music was great!

    I keep our fingers crossed for both of us, that next week and next week we have a great placenta and if not, we get it together ;-)

  • reply - 10: Hello Sternchen1983 ..

    first time: the concert I think it's super cute :-) I read that the little ones are to animate by listening to loud music. But that your little gymnast has done, when it was quiet :-)) After the motto "keep doing" :-)) Have you already tested at home? Maybe this is your reassuring music later :-)

    You're on Tuesday with doctor's appointment right? I keep my fingers crossed for you.
    We were last Thursday, and have been showered with positive news :-)

    Placenta (luckily no longer the stupid) has cleared the way and warped :-), otherwise everything was in perfect order. Had the placenta been down, we would just have been happy that our little strampelmann is doing so well :-) Then it would have been a cesarean who has his reason.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed, very dolly. Tell me then ... do not dawdle like me :-) My mother told me about an acquaintance, in which the placenta has wandered far after the 20th week. So head up..and no matter what .. I wish you could see your healthy baby girl on Tuesday. And that will be for sure !!

    All the best

    Grüßle Sabrina

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