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Storing or donating stem cells, how did you decide?


We are currently considering whether storage of stem cells makes sense or whether we should only donate them. The cost is already quite high, but there is currently a fairly good offer.

How did you do that? How were your experiences?

We have informed ourselves here on the subject, it is a very extensive collection of topics. Unfortunately, we do not know anyone in our environment who has done so far :(


  • reply - 1: We donated, but then it was not possible at birth. One must then abnabeln yes immediately and if the baby after the birth can still need some support or an emergency C-section will be nothing anyway. Also, it may not be enough or not every hospital offers it at all. No matter how you decide - I would not stare too much.
  • reply - 2: Hello
    If I have the opportunity, I would like to have the stem cells stored. I've roughly seen the hospitals do almost all of us here, but I'll ask again if I sign up for birth anywhere.
  • reply - 3: Unfortunately donating is not the same donation in the classical sense. You donate only when there is a person who can use the stem cells. Until then you pay for the storage itself. However, the person assumes the storage costs incurred for you. If there are none in all these years, you alone will pay all the costs. We have just completed the contract, then have informed us on the Internet and terminated.

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