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Darkness in the Kiwa


From 16:30 clock it starts slowly with the darkness. But then I'll do another evening walk with my little one from 17:00 o'clock. The problem is: I do not see him anymore. When the cap slips and pokes into the eye or the pacifier has flown out ?! I'm glad if a lantern comes. Then you see something or shine on the phone. How do you handle the problem? Is there a light for the stroller?


  • reply - 1: For my niece we had a stroller light once. Do not even know if the extra was for it but that was a light you could set different bright. But we did not have it until after a year. With my little one I have the same problem as you. And not only that I do not see her, she is annoyed even if she can not see anything.
  • reply - 2: I avoid that at the moment because the air is so wet :( or say wet cold .. you know what I mean ..
    a great pity
  • reply - 3: In the Müller drugstore there is such a small night light with little buttons and battery operated. Battery also lasts amazingly long (has burned some nights already) makes nice dim light but bright enough that you can see everything you need. I've attached it to the extra bed so that I can see what's cute at night with a touch of a button.
    Maybe you can fix that somehow to the cover of your kiwa? Also costs only 3.75 euros or so from beauty baby.
  • reply - 4: Not bad the idea. Thank you
  • reply - 5: In the dark shining Nuckis are also worth gold ... are available at Dm or the brand Schnullis in the baby specialty store
  • reply - 6: For what reason?
  • reply - 7: Great idea: there are now everywhere these little lights, 10 led, battery powered. You can attach it to the pram with a few pinpricks on the 'peephole' and baby has something to look at :)
  • reply - 8: here is the from 17 o'clock always so wet cold ... if I open the windows, for example, in the bedroom in the evening to bump the things are already clammy .. I can not describe that

    and between 18-19 clock clock he gets his last bottle and then sleeps until the morning .. so I have always moved to the morning because he often sleeps at noon and in the afternoon I play with him or do the household with him like that he unfortunately: D so here is the week when I'm alone daily sucked that he finds really great, he has from his dad who is such a neat .. he is pleased;) I as Chaotin find the exaggerated but I'll do it for the little one: D

  • reply - 9: The LED chains are a really good idea! Definitely Puppi, because she is always bored in the car and so she would have something to look and I could see her.

    Did not think that such a pressure lamp is so cheap 

  • reply - 10: sweet! Do you also say Puppi to your little one? I thought I was the only one 

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