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Hello everybody, I really need to guess what to do, as my baby ilyas has not had a bowel movement for five days, he is now 6 months old.

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  • reply - 1: 5 days is quite long, I personally would not wait any longer and better times call the pediatrician or go there ...

    If you have the same problem again, just offer apple juice after 2-3 days, that would normally help

  • reply - 2: Does he get mush? Will he be breastfed? Does he press hard, does he hurt?
  • reply - 3: Instead of apple juice I would rather cook applesauce and either pure or mix under the mush. But whether juice or Mus must know each (r) selbst.Wenn breastfeeding, you can also apple juice (juice) drink.
    But first call your doctor.
    If it helped you, you can prevent that from happening again.
    Get well soon, I hope it's not bad!
  • reply - 4: Thank you for the quick answers, ilays stopped breastfeeding 3 months ago, no he does not press and you realize that he has no pain, but that is annoying if it continues, unfortunately I can not call at this time pediatrician and I'll try the juice.
    Hopefully something will change.
  • reply - 5: Or pears mus .. Acts well as a chair softener ..
    I keep my fingers crossed that soon the diaper is full .. I know this feeling .. Lennox does not even a few days
  • reply - 6: plum is even better ...
  • reply - 7: Hello,
    in some babies, the intestine works more slowly. 3-7 days can be quite normal. If it does not come today just call your pediatrician tomorrow Maybe he does not find it ok or even as well as my midwife. As long as the child has no pain it should not be so bad :)
  • reply - 8: According to my experience, .... Just a fever measure times :) stimulates the intestine bit.
  • reply - 9: When we did not get anything for 5 days, I went to the pediatrician. according to his statement after a thorough US investigation everything was OK. The intestine reverses, taking in more nutrients from the diet, so it takes longer for it to be excreted. Nevertheless, he has prescribed LACTULOSE syrup from ratiopharm. Go to the doctor, ask, perhaps the syrup in your case then enough.
  • reply - 10: It was 7 days with us the other day and Luana was still a pure nursing baby at that time. The pediatrician said it was normal and could take up to 14 days without any problems. Nevertheless, I simply stimulated with every diaper change with the fever thermometer and tried it with apple juice etc. That did not use everything, but there is such a Akkupressurtechnik. One takes both feet, e.g. on the changing table and massaging the inside of the feet always in a circle. More specifically, you press in the switch between the ball and heel. Always changing. After a few hours, the diaper was full! SEEEEHHHHr FULL !!

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