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I once dared to open my own theme ;-)

Wonder if anyone knows this:
I am an educator and therefore very quickly announced my pregnancy at work so that I am protected (eg have no immunity to cytomegalovirus).
No sooner had I communicated it, it was said, I should stay longer (several times) and represent in another kindergarten (because I was then held by a co-worker at the office, because there are cared for nursery children).
My deputy boss then said only, I'm only problematic.

The thing is, I had an MA last year, which everyone knows and I felt so pressured by the boss (eg should all parents learn about the kids right away, even though I did not want that). And now it starts again :-(

Does anyone else have such or similar problems?


  • reply - 1: That's really stupid. I can only advise you to tackle it. For example, if you do not want, all (children / parents) should know immediately about your pregnancy ... YOU alone can determine that! Do not let it get you. I know that this is really sh *** How do your other colleagues see it? Do you know that? Do you have any support from them?
  • reply - 2: Thank you.
    Yes, you're right, I'm not allowed to get interrupted. And yet, in everyday life I often do not dare to say anything against it.
    Yes, my colleagues know so far, which is ok for me.
    I already have support when last year the MA happened to me, some have expressed that they do not understand or understood why it had to be said so early to the parents. (Came of course that most of you have addressed me over and over again, how it works, how it is with the baby, etc)
    Maybe I do not dare because I have not worked there for so long ...
    It is really crap.
  • reply - 3: My boss knows it already (so I do not have to do night shift) and has behaved impossible. Following the motto: Now I can not do anything with you anymore.
    It makes pregnancy a huge problem and "threatens" strange things to me like: if you do not make any more nights, you have to work more often a week. But that is nonsense .... have a 30std week and work 5x 6h. My boss is offended or something Luckily, my colleagues are behind me
  • reply - 4: Hello,
    How do you deal with it? Does not it matter to you that she reacts or says such things?
  • reply - 5: Oh yeah and I thought I'm the only one who has such a sick boss.
    I also had a MA last year and those at work knew about the SS. The boss has behaved funny and snapped against me and has always tried to scare me that I'm pregnant and that always something could happen blah blah. And then came the MA and I was at the end. I was on sick leave for two weeks, which did not make it any good and also pushed telephone terror.

    Well, now I am pregnant again and this time we keep it for ourselves. But since I work in a family business and also work in the dunning department we always have stress. Apart from the sick superiors .... I wish I could stay home because with all the stress, I always get scared, whether it is because my crumbs are doing well ...

  • reply - 6: Oh no!
    That is bad!
    It was the same with me, as soon as she knew about my pregnancy (my colleague four weeks earlier she had been totally happy and packed in cotton wool, with me the opposite) was still under constant pressure, because of, must to be done and that too and why is not it finished and blah blah blah.

    Honestly, why do not you give yourself a sick leave?

    I was last at the gynecologist (had spotting) and was then (after I also told how it goes) first written sick. Luckily...

  • reply - 7: FA tin wanted to give me 2 weeks sick leave but I did not dare: s
    My next appointment I have on Tuesday to see how I feel ... If the stupid boss is now rummeckert again (because I have to go back to the doctor) I have to think twice, if I will not be withdrawn for 2 weeks got to.
  • reply - 8: Make sure you write sick. And if need be, even longer. And if the stress on work goes on then a professional ban. Give yourself the time. I was allowed to work in my first ssw only four hours a day and then I landed with bleeding and contractions in the hospital .. I should have preferred a whole career ban. Luckily, everything went well.
  • reply - 9: So it's like that with me.
    Ixh work on sale. It is difficult to lift and so on. Ixh is also thinking of getting a job ban.
    My boss was not there when I told the store. Have told the deputy and the sales management. She did not sound so happy.
    Due to my strong nausea and dizziness ixh went home on saturday after 2 hours of work because i almost fell over.
    Also, I do not feel comfortable going to work at all.
    On Friday, ixh saw my boss and he did not pay any attention to me. Nothing to say about the pregnancy or anything else. For the coming week he has nxiht planned me.
    Will talk to my doctor on Friday if she can give me a bv.
  • reply - 10: Hm that's difficult .... I can not handle it well. The next day I was sick with a stomachache (but was free anyway) and I think that was the stress. Sure, actually I think it's ridiculous and think that she just has a problem and still I'm very sensitive and I just can not understand how you can be like that. Fortunately, I see my boss only once a week, I'm curious how the next meeting on Wednesday will be.-

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