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Short question - quick answer 3


Let's go in round 3 with all questions that do not fit into any existing topic or are cleared up quickly  


  • reply - 1: Attention, please make it full here:

  • reply - 2: Good evening together I'm in such pain but only right pulls a bit on the back too. What can be the growth pain or put the stupid? Does one know that?
    Wherever the hand is
  • reply - 3: Girls, how long can you have pain AFTER a leg cramp?

    I have not had one for years, since I do MG footbaths. But the day before yesterday morning then one. It was pretty heavy, I would say.

    And since then my calf is still hurting. Like strong sore muscles. Is that normal? Can it be helped? Warmth, cold, massaging?

  • reply - 4: That's exactly how it was with me recently.
    The pain stopped like strong sore muscles for a few days and then it was gone;)
  • reply - 5: I always have it when I get up. When I walked a few meters, it gives way a bit.

    Then I'll wait a bit.

  • reply - 6: I had that one the other day. It was quite heavy and the calf hurt a little bit for 2 days
  • reply - 7: Through the muscle spasm has hardened the muscles. This happens when the spasm has not been resolved quickly enough, as the muscle was permanently stretched.

    The easiest massages, preferably with horse ointment (hope that you can use this during pregnancy) and heat relieve the pain. You can also stretch the calf.
    But after 2-3 days the pain will be less.

  • reply - 8: Hey. I have that every now and then. For me, the left side prefers. That also draws quite and also her complete page. But I think that it is the tapes .... went away with me again and again;)
  • reply - 9: Thank you.

    Will definitely take even more magnesium. That was really bad.

  • reply - 10: So slowly it starts with the gifts. And above all, there are clothes, lots of clothes. Also some that I did not like so much or not at all. How do you handle it? Thinking, oh yes, she / he has grown out anyway in no time and I save me a Romper. Or are you sorting out mercilessly?

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