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Influence of the lifestyle on the generation power

Good health is indispensable for future fathers. Many circumstances can affect the reproductive ability of men. The good news is that once you realize what can affect your fertility, it's relatively easy to prevent it. Here are some possible "potency killers" listed.

Big heat

The testicles do not like it too warm. Sperm are most comfortable at a temperature between 34.5 - 36.0 ° C, which is slightly below the human body temperature. Therefore, they are also in a skin sac (scrotum) outside of the "actual" body.Working in a hot environment or sitting for a long time increases the temperature of the testes, which means that fewer seeds can be produced and, in addition, the quality decreases.

The use of a laptop on the thighs or long driving also increases the testicle temperature. A study by C.R. Garcia and others found out in 2004 that heated waterbeds and electric blankets are much more likely to cause a high temperature in the testicles than, for example, hot baths in the tub or whirlpool. In Japan, however, hot baths are used as a method of contraception for men.

bicycle saddles

Impotence can be an unexpected and unpleasant side effect when cycling. In a study from Stanford University, Southern California, Robert Kessler found in 1999 that permanent saddle pressure on the groin can damage arteries and nerves, causing erectile dysfunction. However, the results of the study also show that cycling as a sport tends to counteract impotence as long as you do not spend more than three hours a week on the road. Anything that goes beyond six hours, on the other hand, significantly increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. The biggest culprits are hard racing saddles. If you are traveling on a normal touring bike with a normal saddle, the risks are much lower.

The best and easiest way is to invest in a wide, comfortable saddle, which distributes the weight and thus the pressure better. In any case, a visit to the doctor is advisable if a persistent numbness or even genital pain after cycling occur or it comes to erection problems after cycling.

In short, if you do not overdo it, cycling will only have a positive effect on a man's general condition. Cycling activates and supports physical fitness, trains the cardiovascular system and thus protects against illnesses. And impotence can also be set by lack of exercise! It has been proven by studies that endurance sports - 3 times a week for 30 minutes each - lead to a significant reduction in erection problems.

Too thick or too thin?

A Danish study of 1558 subjects found that too low a body mass index (BMI) was associated with a reduction in sperm count. It is therefore a good idea to have a healthy and sufficient diet at least three months before the desired conception in order to bring or maintain the BMI between 20 and 25 years. Take a look at Diet for the healthy father.


It seems that stress affects the number of sperm. The Danish Institute for First Birth Planning published two studies in 2004, which show that male fertility is generally not affected by stress. However, stress negatively affected all those subjects who already had a low sperm count anyway.

Apart from that, stress can simply make you too tired for sex. In this respect, one can say that stress in any case indirectly affects fertility. Depending on the circumstances, in most cases it helps to relieve stress and your father tries to relax.


Medications such as antihistamine, cimetidine and sulphasalazine are often used as long-term therapy. Long-term antibiotics and anabolic steroids may affect sperm quality and cause extremely low numbers of spermatozoa. Usually, these negative side effects have disappeared three months after discontinuing the drug. But there are also drugs, such as beta-blockers or psychotropic drugs that can cause potency problems.

It is best to ask your doctor before any treatment if there are side effects that could affect your sexual life or fertility. If you still can not get around a drug treatment, there is still the possibility to compensate for this by good physical constitution (nutrition and fitness).

Cancer treatment with chemo and radiation

During chemotherapy, male fertility is usually significantly impaired, but may recover after the end of therapy. However, this often takes months or even years and depends on the type and dose of the chemotherapeutic used. At high risk, therefore, all men of childbearing age with unfinished family planning should consider whether to place a semen sample in a sperm bank prior to initiating chemotherapy. Of course, this also applies to adolescents and young men who have not yet considered the issue of starting a family.

To date, little is known about the long-term effects of "normal" X-ray examinations.A study published in the US in 1997 (Shea et al.) Found a link between fathers' X-ray exposure and decreases in birth weight and fetal growth more research is needed to make representative statements.

The effect of cancer treatment on radiation depends on the type of tumor, the precise field of radiation and also on the age of the person affected. Patients should check with their radiologists if and if so how much their fertility could be affected.

The testicular tumor is the most common tumor in young men. In the advanced stage often lymph glands must be removed. Such an operation may result in normal ejaculation (ejaculation) no longer possible.

Injuries to the genital area or venereal diseases

A study from France (Benchekroun et al.) Reports 40 different testicular injuries. The causes for the respective traumas were: 19 traffic accidents, seven work accidents, seven sports accidents and seven beatings. So the safest way to stay in good shape is to always drive carefully, take care at work, stay out of fighting, and not necessarily seek a risky hobby. If you still want to practice a contact sport, then it is best to use genital protection.


Are you still looking for reasons to quit smoking? Then read the following: Several studies - including Kunzle et al. 2003, Chia et al. 2000 - confirm that smoking affects the quality and quantity of men's sperm. For example, a 2003 research report from the British Medical Association (BMA) calculated that 120,000 men between the ages of 30 and 50 are impotent in the UK alone.

By smoking, it will take even longer for her partner to get pregnant. If you smoke a lot and your partner is forced to smoke passive smoking, it will take longer for her to get pregnant. Passive smoking not only endangers the expectant mother, but also the unborn child. If, on the other hand, the expectant mother smokes, the health risks for the unborn baby are even higher. If they decide together to give up smoking, it will be easier for you. You can ask your doctor for help with this project.

Consciousness-expanding drugs

More and more facts point out that drug abuse of any kind harms the male sperm. It does not matter if you take cocaine, heroin or marijuana. Each of these drugs reduces the semen quality and thus the chance to become parents of a healthy child. Marijuana smoking is also associated with sudden infant death syndrome. If you are worried because you used to take drugs, then ask your family doctor for advice.

Take one's time

It takes about three months to form completely new seeds. So any changes in your lifestyle that will improve the quality of your sperm will take time! It usually takes at least a few months for your body to have enough time to prepare for possible procreation. What you can do: Eat many different fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, low fat and lean meat. Avoid extreme sports and live a moderate lifestyle. If you do all that, then you have created the best conditions for your unborn baby.

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