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Do hot baths affect the fertility of men?

If you are planning to become a dad soon, avoid frequent hot baths in the spa because the testicles are sensitive to heat. This in turn can affect seed production. Especially endangered are the maturing sperm cells. Since the maturation of the male sperm takes about three months, the actual effects are therefore also postponed. This may mean that taking too hot a bath in January may affect your sperm in March.

It's the same for eager cyclists. It can ultimately come to a lower semen density in the ejaculate, because here too the testicles are exposed during the "Bikens" an elevated temperature - well packaged in a bicycle dress and additional pressure from the saddle! There is a reason why the testicles are located where they are, outside the "actual" body. The cool environment is necessary for healthy sperm to mature.

Wellness treatments, cycling, sauna sessions and tight underwear are usually no problem. However, men who are naturally prone to low sperm production should discontinue these specific activities for a period of time if it does not work with the partner's pregnancy. In any case, if you have any problems you should consult a urologist / andrologist to research other possible causes.

So far, there is no evidence to show that heat has an effect on the female oocytes. Nevertheless, we know that whirlpool and sauna visits during pregnancy are not recommended. Some studies show that the increase in body temperature during the first weeks of pregnancy is probably related to the development of birth defects. If you want to play it safe, you and your partner will at least avoid or reduce your whirlpool visits immediately before ovulation.

The wearing of tight pants does not affect the female oocytes, but it is not recommended. And for a good reason. Tight clothing creates excellent growth conditions for microorganisms, which in turn are the cause of infections such as a fungus (thrush). They love the environment of damp heat. This is created primarily by underwear, which is made of synthetic fiber, and tight clothing.

Although string thangas can look nice, but if you look at the health aspect, they are not exactly recommended: their fit, they are a direct bacterial infection to your vagina. Try to avoid too tight and poorly stitched strings, as this can lead to abrasions. In a sensitive environment such as the genital area, bacteria and fungi are open to the door.

In the case of a genital infection, you should not have sexual intercourse with your partner until the infection has completely resolved.On the one hand it does not make fun with a fungal infection and on the other hand you infect your partner and it comes to the so-called ping-pong effect. They keep pinning each other. Breaking this vicious circle is tedious.

Most infections occur as a result of antibiotic therapy after cystitis. Then you should definitely visit a doctor.

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