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Herpes in the SS



I am in the 7th week and have now got a herpes. I heard it can be dangerous. Is that correct??


  • reply - 1: Hello, I suppose you mean herpes in the genital area. Then herpes is indeed dangerous. But I do not know if it will be dangerous during the entire pregnancy, until the last third or at birth. In any case, you should ask the gynecologist as soon as possible

    If you have herpes on the lip when the baby is there, you should avoid kissing the baby so as not to catch it until it is gone.

  • reply - 2: Herpes, in so far as it is a primary infection, is very dangerous for the existing pregnancy. At first infection.
    In vaginal infection either way to the doctor and prescribe acyclovir tablets. Get well
  • reply - 3: If you just have a cold sore, simply because you tend to ache, stress & Co., you need not make a head.
    That was also the case in my first pregnancy - probably also around the 7th week of pregnancy - and was one of many reactions to the hormone change ... At first I was unsure, but I let myself attest that it was harmless is.

    At initial infection or genital herpes as written above necessarily clarify!

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