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Caesarean section YES or NO?!?!?!


Hello my dears, has anyone had experience with a caesarean? I am expecting the second child and I am almost 41 years old. It was a real horror birth for my first son. Had almost 7 months after still have problems, especially my child to accept correctly. I do not want to experience that again, I'm really scared of it. But also know the risks of a caesarean section, is not completely harmless. I am happy about answers.


  • reply - 1: Hello sunshine2408. Yes, I have experience with a cesarean section. Wanted to bring my twins actually "normal" to the world but by the fact that they have made 6 weeks earlier on the way and also several other risks of a normal birth were in the way my husband and I decided on a KS and I regret it not now. Because everything was said what can happen at a normal birth is synonymous with the KS happened only that it was not bad because everything was much faster ... was very afraid of pain and and and. Only the anesthesia for the spinal column did not hurt. Am the next day even a little bit alone but then got in trouble. I did not care I wanted to my babies then but have heard and am just after the day again run since they have said nothing more because they have noticed it brings anyway Nothing. Had acuh otherwise no problems have taken only once Voltarentabletten because the night was undangenhm on the side to sleep because the Labberbauch hung and pulled something at the scar but otherwise everything ok. This time it will be with me again a KS because the SS is zunah next to the other and the fear that under the pressure of normal birth could tear the Närbe the uterus. And I have no fear so far. Go to the same KH and I'm not really worried. So I do not know if I helped you with it but can only say for me the KS was great.
  • reply - 2: For me it was like a trauma .. I would like to give birth normally and got blown after eleven hours then but a ks .. I wish me crazy to get my second child normal .. the Op itself went well (spinal) only the Days after that were violent .. if it is not really necessary, I would deliver normally ..
  • reply - 3: Hi you!

    Hmm ... that is of course difficult, if you have already made such a lousy experience.
    I myself did not have any delivery, but my sister had a normal (dream birth in 3 hours) and two KS.
    They were both planned and necessary because my older niece had cystic fibrosis and was too weak for a normal delivery and the younger one was just too big.
    My sister has had minor problems with the scar for about 4 weeks, but so far she has put it away quite well.

    I do not have an official opinion on that, but that's too unknown to me, but my personal opinion in your case would be: do the KS.
    If you have such fears, especially concerning your child, that you may not be able to accept it properly again, and you are afraid of giving birth (more than the average), then spare your nerves and your child's and start relaxed and planned the delivery.

    A KS clearly has its risks and pitfalls, but it's easier to plan and more relaxed for both mother and father, especially after such a bad experience.

    That would be my opinion now.
    What does your gynecologist say? Did you talk to him about it?
    As a note: a KS does not protect you from a possible postpartum depression. It may still be that you have attachment problems with your little one. But then they are just psychic nature and I think that a terrible birth can already contribute well and a planned KS may simply facilitate.

  • reply - 4: Ne so before a puerperal depression, the KS really protected you not because I still had it even 5 or 6 weeks after it was only with me but I think that it was already in the SS began that a lot of just sch ... was and then nothing was great ....
  • reply - 5: @ irmel: That is of course really evil. If one adapts to a natural childbirth and then MUST release against his will by KS.

    However, planned KS are also done differently than spontaneous emergency KS. When planned, the individual layers are opened piece by piece just as any fabric needs.
    In an emergency, a deep cut is made and is good.

    As part of my training, I've looked at something, so I know that ...

  • reply - 6:


    So if you are so afraid of a normal birth, then do the caesarean section as Loona has already said.

    For me, it was similar to irmel I wanted to get my big unconditionally normal, but he has turned wrong in the pelvis and thus gave birth to a gabs. With me it was like that because I got a general anesthetic, despite PDA has somehow not worked properly to finish why always .. And so I had problems not to accept my son directly but to build a close bond from the beginning, since I him already bathed and got dressed and the "first glances" were gone, that was worse for me than all the pain after the cesarean section. And that's why I wish to have this child normal even if I did a lot of things during my first birth.

    But if you are very scared of normal birth, you are already cramping before or during labor, and then it takes longer and can become more painful, so having a caesarean section is definitely beneficial for you and your child. But first talk to your FA.


  • reply - 7: Loona do you mean to cut completely? Because I was told during the Op "the upper cut is done, now we tear"?
  • reply - 8: irmel: Well, even the upper section should not just be one. Actually. There are also several layers of skin, connective tissue, fat, muscle and uterus. Since actually different cuts are made and as soon as the doctor can put his hand properly is then "torn", so stretched pretty rabid. That does not really tear, but that does not look nice ...: o / * sip! *
    In case of an emergency, however, it has to be done quickly and they can not calmly open the individual layers, because you have to save the baby. So: zack! and up.

    But that makes sure that the right cut is relatively small and only a few centimeters long. The "torn / stretched" tightens over time, so you do not have that much scar tissue. In the past KS were made, because the women really had a scar up to 30cm across the lower abdomen. Today I have some patients with such scars and they have t.w. still having problems with it. As this "tear" method seems to be well established ...

  • reply - 9: ah, thanks for the explanation :-)
  • reply - 10: oh man ... if I had to get a cesarean, then I would not like to be told something like "now we're tearing ..." That does not sound that great somehow. I do not want to have a cesarean section but if someone is really scared of having a baby before delivery, it will make more sense. I wouldespecially then want a caesarean section if a normal birth would somehow harm my baby (if it were too weak, would be wrong, takes too long, etc.).

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