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    Pregnant with medical professions

    Belly Beat
    9 hours ago
    Hello my dears,

    I would be interested to know who still has a medical profession here and how it is for you? So how can you reconcile pregnancy with work, or did you get rid of individual tasks or completely?
    How are you doing that sometimes you may have too much medical information in store that you may not even want to think about?

    I would be really happy to hear how others are so;)

    before 8 hours
    Huhu, Op aunt, unfortunately seen many KS and since then panic afraid of it. Just like he mom. is probably still one more :(

    Am since 8.Wo. in the professional ban because the stations did not want me. Everyone in the office was complete.

    What are you doing? lg

    7 hours ago
    I am MFA with the general practitioner and may only work on the application

    7 hours ago
    Hello my dears :-)

    I also work in the hospital at the day clinic (I LOVE my job !!) and since we sometimes assist regularly in X-ray-controlled interventions, I had to give notice right at the beginning. I am from Switzerland and here there is no BV or similar, one is simply released from certain activities. Fortunately, I have very dear colleagues who push me all the heavy tasks such as beds, relocate patients, etc. and regularly ask me how I am, if I have eaten properly, etc. Grade at the beginning by the constant Brecherei I was very grateful ! And when I read here how some are "punished" at work for being pregnant I am twice as glad to have such a great team around me :-)
    Otherwise, I respect since the SS - even more than before anyway - on hygiene and stop for rest breaks etc.

    Worried because I know too much resp. I've already seen a lot, so do I. But on the other hand, I think I have a decisive advantage in that there are always doctors present who I can address and poke questions ;-)
    In addition, in quieter times, I have been able to sound myself several times - of course, I can only do the basics, but I've already been helped to see that the little heart bubbles and the Muckel moves properly - so another advantage :-)

    Bissi I worry about something else: We had here in recent years, many pregnant colleagues and have all worked until just before ET; the last one was until 05.03. here and has on 11.03. released. This is probably so common here and I hope that there "can keep up" - also because in Switzerland the maternity only 16 weeks lasts (legally even only 14), that is if, for example, 2 weeks before stops working and then still 2 weeks transfers , fall away already 4 weeks from MuSchu and that is a lot at 16 weeks.

    Huuui, now I have taken care of reading material - please excuse !!
    But I think it's great to be able to exchange views with other pregnant women from the Med area :-)

    What are you doing exactly?

  • reply - 2: Fantaghiro87
    1 hour ago
    are you allowed to choose your mother protection? in germany, he goes only 14 weeks, but starts 6 weeks before delivery date and ends 8 weeks later, if you get a premature he extends after birth for 4 weeks, so 12 weeks after birth, but normal is only 8 weeks after ...

    1 hour ago
    I also work in the hospital ... but was immediately sent into employment prohibition (is common with us). so i would work on a premature ward i would probably panic before having a pregnancy. My specialty is far from it. I work on a station for the severely skull-brain-injured (after accidents, heavy strokes, etc.) but I think that the work changes the view of the things. i eg. make me much more worried about my family than I did before. Recently, my dad was operated on and I could only think of the "narcotic accidents", which unfortunately I have on station (there are certainly not many, but it all just land from a 200km catchment area with me, then it inevitably happens a lot ). Or just if my husband is traveling a long distance by car, I have to think about what can happen. I do not have too much knowledge about gynecology and obstetrics (a few lessons from education), from that I am not "handicapped" by it. I find "google" worse and scary. but if I were to work there I would not be so carefree.

    1 hour ago
    I am a nurse in closed psychiatry. Contrary to my expectations no one wants to issue me a bv ^ ^ I am now mainly doing office work and organizational in the office. Fortunately, I really have really nice colleagues, who pay close attention to me and immediately "protect" me and take me out of the situation when things get tough. Nevertheless, I find my job at the moment already exhausting, especially psychologically. You are always in eighth position and never feel completely safe because we have some unpredictable people. With the aggression I just can not do so well, even if I'm not in the middle of it. Add to that the body odor of some residents, because it gets really bad. But at least I do not have to work weekends anymore

  • reply - 3: Rinchen87
    before 50 min.
    Mmh am now unsure because of the free choice, I have to inquire.

    That the MuSchu with you is so short I know but from the Germans from my Whatsapp group I have heard, you would have after the MuSchu still 1-2 years parental leave (with 70% salary?) Or I have misunderstood this? Because there is no such thing here, after the MuSchu one works again, otherwise the job (and of course the reward) is gone.

    before 46 min
    Why not take any blood samples, infusions, vaccinations, ECG etc.? Because there are gloves for everything infectious, at least that is the case here with us.

    before 48 min.
    I'm also a MFA in a urological practice, now I'm only allowed to log in and reprocess instruments on the clean side.

  • reply - 4: @ rienchen

    Wow, only 16 weeks is violent: (What do the swiss then? Caring facilities also do small? (If you have no grandma, or family, or even all work?)

    I'm from Austria, and if I read it that way - I'm really lucky, about the waits here. Since the unapproved papa month is plain whining at the highest level with me!  

    I was at luca 30 months home. And will do it again now :) sure, there are only € 450.- in the month free cash and you have to look and give up some things - but that's worth it to me (and my husband). Luckily, my husband earns quite well.

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    Weekend service

    before 13 hours
    Hello :)
    Can you help me? I work in a large kitchen therefore also change shifts and weekend service. My question now is that I heard that Sunday is forbidden to work. Is that true or are there exceptions?

    before 13 hours
    as pregnant? nee there may not work only at night, but on Sundays quite ... what sense would that be?

    before 13 hours
    You can also work on the weekend, as long as you get it free on another day during the week!

    before 13 hours
    Did not get any BV? My boss immediately sent me home when I told him that I was pregnant. I work in a kitchen in the retirement home as a kitchen help.
    From the regional council there is a wrote where it says what in the employment of a pregnant everything is to be considered as an employer and if he can not comply with this he must pronounce you a professional ban.

    Original writer
    before 12 hours
    More, night and Sunday work
    Multi, night and Sunday work (§8 MuSchG) Pregnant mothers and nursing mothers should not be employed in night work (between 8 pm and 6 am), not on Sundays and public holidays and not with overtime work.

    That's what the internet says. I am confused myself

    Original writer
    before 12 hours
    Ne did not get any. Stand 7 hours a day. Under 10 kg lift is hardly possible and stretch I always have since I'm smaller and of course, everything is cleared up to have enough work space

    before 12 hours
    So I worked casino I was not allowed to go on Sundays and bank holidays anymore and certainly not until 4 o'clock at night

    before 12 hours
    If I were you, I would talk to your employer. Either he is busy as it is in the MuSchu or he must give you a job ban. If that does not work maybe times to the company doctor?

    before 12 hours
    In the restaurant you can work until 22 o'clock and then 12 hours break, since I myself work in the catering I have read the stream and my FÄ has also given a leaflet for my boss

    11 hours ago
    Off to the company doctor. He must fill with you ne hazard analysis.
    If your employer is not able to make your work area pregnant, go to the company doctor again and get a job ban.
    The employer is obliged to.

    11 hours ago
    Sunday is ok then one day a week off. Standing, lifting etc. is prohibited. From the Betriesarzt, this is reasonably the BV issues.

  • reply - 6: Jacky Jack1987
    11 hours ago
    Hello my dears
    With me is also so that I am no longer allowed on Sundays. Is also the protection law. Overtime is also prohibited and holidays work too. It applies to pregnant and lactating think that then applies everywhere or.

    2 hours ago
    I would also say that you talk to your employer and report to the regional council and explain your situation to them. They then contact your employer and check that the job is right for you. You can harm yourself and the baby if you do such work. Ask your Fa. They can give you information. Did I get from mine too.

    1 hour ago
    Everything is here, gastronomy and other professions

  • reply - 7: I am mfa gyn and got a bv for the whole ss from my boss himself. He says the whole problems and miscarriages in the other ss would burden me too much because I already had one and then was very finished. Have a lot of boredom but think the decision is right because I'm totally scared anyway since my miscarriage
    Wish everyone a nice time     
  • reply - 8: @ Rinchen87

    yes we can take parenthood up to 3 years (during this time the job will be retained, not necessarily in the same department for the same task area, but the employer has to keep an equivalent job) but there is only 1 year, 65% of the last net wage (with a minimum and maximum limit) ... you can pay off the money over a period of 2 years, but then only half of each ...
    to go back to work immediately is already violent, even if you love his job as you write, but his child you love so synonymous ^^ I would like my own "mess up" ... do you already know how you handle it? Are you at least generous in terms of part-time work?

  • reply - 9: So I'm not working at the moment, let me sick leave ... had worked in the casino and no more Sundays Sundays and holidays and the nachdienst also not more ... because my boss was probably annoyed that I was pregnant ... She pulled me from the casino I would have loosely make maternity protection ... early shift from 9 o'clock or noon from 14 o'clock ... well she took me off and put me on another place where you sometimes have to lift between 20 and 25 kilos for hours ... then got violent convulsions in the ul drink was strictly forbidden me so almost only in the 30 min break and that does not keep my circulation because it is warm as hell and the dragging wanted to force me without gloves toilets what eig garnit my area of ​​responsibility is ... a toilet was very heavily polluted with fecal matter and blood ... I then refused to do this ... then she said just very naughty * if I do not submit and my job is not scha I'm supposed to quit ffefe better * and since then I've been on sick leave ...a BV would like to give neither my boss nor my gyn ... so I'm currently helpless iwie ... well, shit on it can take me the olle -.-
  • reply - 10: @jaina_x
    Why are you allowed to work in a closed area?
    I also worked on a closed psychiatric ward and had to leave the ward immediately in the first SS and now. This is common practice with us and I thought that was regulated by law. I like to work there and if I feel like I would of course like to stayed there. But I think the regulation is absolutely right.

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