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Rollers and pedals kick

Once your child knows that their legs are the key to agility, it will only be on their feet.

Traditionally, the first toddler vehicle is a push-pull car with a seat that is low enough to touch the ground with the entire foot. In toy shops you will find a large selection, so that you will find a suitable vehicle. Your child will probably use both legs at the same time, and then find out that the "walking movement" works better. If it gets along with it, it's ready for pedals (probably after his second birthday).

A tricycle is useful for leg muscle development and coordination. Of course, your child will also like the speed. A well-fitting helmet is a must. Especially if it drives on pavement. If your child reluctantly mounts his tricycle, then set the seat as low as possible, at least temporarily.

A rocking horse (or a crawler tractor or a cow) trains some of the upper muscle and push-pull movements that your child needs to rock, and it's a great alternative for a rainy day. With a cowboy hat and the William Tell Overture you create the right mood.

How about swimming and splashing?

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