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Hello dear, pregnant with you :)
Wanted to ask if one of you in pregnancy has a move in front of him or had? How do you manage that nervously? I am constantly too much and am totally overwhelmed with the simplest things ... Although I have a lot of help but somehow I feel so pressurized that everything is ready when the little comes ... from colors and new furniture I can now Already hear nothing and see ... had always fun on coloring and something but now I'm crying around when the wall is not "nice" enough painted
is ... it feels good just to let go of his frustration;)


  • reply - 1: I have not moved in any of the ss until now and I do not have it anymore!
    We moved into our new house last fall / winter! sometime in the middle of Umzugsstress I may have become pregnant! So do not despair, even if it is sometimes tedious, you will be very happy later on the result and an end is in sight! :-)
    Take some time off in between and rest! Let others work a bit more! after all, the excuse with the ss is not so often in life! ;-)
  • reply - 2: We have planned to move in about a year. The apartment is now relatively small (2 rooms, 53 m2), but with the baby in the bedroom it's ok. I thought I might not move in the SS - aaaber: now I wonder if the decision was right, because with a small Buzi it will certainly not easier. You may be physically fitter, but you have to feed, wrap, treat, etc .. I think you're lucky that your nest is then built and you can relax when the little one is there. See it from the perspective .. :-)
  • reply - 3: I moved after the 1st ss there was the little 1 month old. That was eig quite easily ... because the little ones at the beginning still sleep a lot.
    and before the 2. ss we have moved again and have renovated an older house, was rather exhausting, because our little was already 2 years old and wanted to help very actively on the construction site. So we always needed who looked around the little man!
    in the ssbbin I have not moved yet ... but I think I would not have the nerves for relocation stress and chaos.
    I can recommend the change if the little ones can not crawl or run :-)

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