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Had 4 miscarriages and was lying in bed again yesterday with bleeding in the 7 ssw. Have on Thursday doctor appointment and hope that my dwarf lives. Do not give up the hope to give birth to a healthy baby


  • reply - 1: Have courage hope that everything is OK
  • reply - 2: Hello Marla5

    Always believe in your wishes.I had 4 Fg's and a very hard one, which ended with a silent birth. The 6th pregnancy was only with fear. As a precaution, I have been injected with heparin every day. It helped. My little son is lying in bed today (1 week ago) and is sleeping.
    For me, the pregnancy helped by the heparin (Clexane).

    Merry Christmas and a beautiful 2016

  • reply - 3: How are you

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