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I became 44 and also mom in june2016 but have too high blood pressure during pregnancy and now also have to take betablocker


  • reply - 1: I'm 41 and got a son on 24.06.
    LG Erika
  • reply - 2: Hello everybody,
    I am 44 years and in the 16 weeks. This is my 2 pregnancy, that means my daughter is 14 and in the last years I had unfortunately 4 FG
    Now it really worked and we thought the critical phase was over. Last week, my gynecologist found a cervical shortening and rest ordered me. I have also strictly followed and tomorrow I have to control and hope it calms down. Achja has to take antibiotics because of bacteria. Does anyone have similar experiences?
    I'm grateful for every experience. best regards

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