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Complaints, worries and aches in pregnancy !!


You can talk about everything that is going on in pregnancy here!

All of you who are already mommies are sure to be happy to help and advise you and give you tips


  • reply - 1: My name is Marie and I'm 17 years old.
    Although I am only in the 5.Ssw, but I have strong back pain.

    Weis one of you what can I do about it?
    Or how long have you had that?

    Lg Marie

  • reply - 2: a warm bath is always good :-)
  • reply - 3: hello you love I am new to this group ... as you can see I start soon the 5 month .... juhuuuuuuu .... for two days I have such a feeling of pressure in the upper and lower, as if something down from above ... could that be the growth spurt of the uterus, which now grows twice?
  • reply - 4: hello I am 17 and pregnant in the third week .. I have ne question did you have at the beginning such a pressure on the stomach or bloating or circulatory problems ..?
  • reply - 5: Hi I am also 17 years and I'm in the 21 ssw Selebtration that I had at the beginning that's normal :)
  • reply - 6: did you feel the same way in the first month as if your abdomen were growing through the belly of an abdomen?
  • reply - 7: So then I'll go with you now. :-)

    So I am 21 and in the 7.SSW. I was extremely bad at the beginning of the 6th week. Throughout the day. It was always better in the evening, I also really have something to eat in the evening. I just lay all day and slept a lot. Have tried ginger ale today ... And it's my new best friend !! :-) have tried many things but nothing has helped

  • reply - 8: linchen I also like to drink ginger ale since recently. :) with me we went off the 7th week with the nausea, but only if I have not eaten.

    best regards

  • reply - 9: I have to correct suffers. Ginger Ale does not help anymore. In addition, I get stomach ache from the carbonic acid. So we tortured and hoped that it would stop soon. : '(
  • reply - 10: Hello you love,
    I am 24 years old and have only had problems since then. from nausea, to extreme pain and a strong slack feeling.
    In the last week I was in bed almost every day because I did not pack anything anymore

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