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We play! 36 months old

Two fun ideas: what to do with your toddler this month.

Naughty fruit!

Making faces out of fruits is not only fun but also a desire for healthy food.

Which skills are supported? motor activity
What do you need? A plate, fruit pieces (of apples, pears, kiwi, bananas, blueberries, oranges, etc.)

Show your toddler how to make faces with different fruit pieces. Try together how it looks best! For example, you could turn green kiwi eyes into green eyes, use a piece of orange as your mouth, grapes as teeth, and apple bits as eyebrows and ears. If your child likes the result, they can eat the face piece by piece.

Listen to nature

Infants are reluctant to sit still, but the following game may intrigue your little one more than you think. And you can treat yourself in this way also a small break!

Which skills are supported? Observation gift, sense of hearing
What do you need? A blanket that is so big that you both can lie on it

For this game you should go to the garden or a park or even drive to the countryside. Lie on the blanket with your toddler. Close your eyes and listen! Ask your baby what he can hear! What is close to you? What do you hear further away? If your child has enough of listening, you can look at the clouds together and guess shapes!

Games of the previous month

And here you will find more about the development of your 36-month-old child.

Remember: every child develops at its own pace. If the games this week seem too early for your toddler, do not worry! Just try again later. advertising

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