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fluoride tablets


Hello my dears!

Did you also receive the recommendation from the hospital to give your babies these tablets?
I think it makes sense to give vitamin D, but Flour? There are now scientific opinions that are pro and contra. How do you do this?


  • reply - 1: We only got vitamin d tablets ;-)
  • reply - 2: Yeah, so all my girlfriends and sister gave their baby flour and I'll do it too :)
  • reply - 3: We also got only vitamin D.
  • reply - 4: I got tablets from kh flour. I'll give it too (but forget a tablet every now and then, forgetful as I am)

  • reply - 5: I learned my pediatrician and we gave the mommy flour only if you wanted it otherwise only d vitamins.
    I'll give my dwarf flour I say now so if nobody else says something else
  • reply - 6: You mean FLUOR of fluoride right?


  • reply - 7: I think so;) However, I was now synonymous with the spelling also not safe and yesterday too lazy to nachblättern and habs just written off, it was there;)
  • reply - 8: Mine does not get a flour.
    Incidentally, not the usual dose of vitamin K in Germany after birth. Since you should also inform in advance about it.
    (for example in this leaflet)
  • reply - 9: Upsi, because I had written wrong fluorine ... too much English in my head;) Corrected it is now;)
    Thank you very much Avangada and Arrayyana! The report of the midwife I've sent my friend, so he can sometimes form an opinion and Arrayyana, you speak to me from the soul.
    It is terrible how one believes the doctors, even though one has an inner feeling and should trust his gut better.
    Two tablets got my little mouse and that was it. She did not like the ordeal anyway.

    Thank you for your opinions! I personally decide against fluorine and for a lot of light and fresh air! After all, there is still humanity, 500 years ago and earlier there was no fluorine and so on!

  • reply - 10: My little one also got Vitamin + Fluo in KH D At discharge, I got a plisse, but when it was used up, our pediatrician and only D vitamin prescribed. Will probably continue to do so.

    There are also many parents who are even against vitamin D .. I give it to net daily .. * shame
    Is it really that important? As children, we did not get all the stuff and everyone was fine.

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