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Hello everybody,
does anyone of you have experience with taking magnesium?
I had a short bleeding last Friday and am immediately to my FAin. The baby is fine and the bleeding stopped right away. Where the bleeding came from, she does not know, perhaps through a burst vessel. I was completely depressed, now I finally have the critical 12 weeks behind me and wanted to tell all my loves and now something like that.
I read on the internet that many women take magnesium when they have bleeding. I do not know how much magnesium is ok. Has anyone had positive experiences with it?


  • reply - 1: Oh no ... that's stupid. Especially where the 12 weeks are actually around. : - / But I'm also glad that the baby was fine.

    I also take magnesium at the moment. My doctor had recently recommended that to me. But I did not have a bleeding. So of course I do not know how that affects it.

    My FA said I should take magnesium 3 times a day (preferably with meals). I had told him that I take effervescent tablets from time to time. In one are 200mg in there. So 600mg are fine.

    However, I do not take any effervescent tablets anymore because there is sodium cyclamate in there. That should be very harmful. Instead take smaller magnesium tablets from Rossmann with 150mg each. Demensprechend I take, of course, then 4 tablets.

    However, I could imagine that bleeding is triggered by a major deficiency. Maybe even more would be appropriate. But that is pure speculation. With 600mg you are definitely on the safe side! :)

    Wish you that does not happen again!

    summer song

  • reply - 2: Thank you summer song. For the time being, I'll just follow the advice of your FA and take 200 mg 3 times a day. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my FAin anyway for control, then I ask again how wievel mg recommends me.
    Incidentally, I also noticed that magnesium helps with back pain ... Only incidentally to all who also suffer from early pregnancy back pain ;-)
  • reply - 3: I read, Magnesium also helps with constipation? I wanted to go straight to the pharmacy and get advice.
  • reply - 4: Mag helps wonderfully in the digestion ... Too much Mag can not be harmful, the body takes only what he needs, the rest is excreted. Mag also helps against early labor.

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