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Pull and prick in the lower abdomen


Hey girls,

vlt gint it is already this thread but on the fast I've found nothing ... I'm a little doubt s.den :-(

I have several times this morning and yesterday evening a dull draw and stab in the lower abdomen .. not even on the sides but in the middle :-(

do not know now whether I overreact or better call the FA .. on the other hand, I'm self-employed and can not just go in the middle of the work ... or should I go to the KH are not bound to opening hours..da then I can also go to work ... yes, so net synonymous to make a "shit" but I'm also uncertain now :-(


  • reply - 1: So I'm talking about me, have a long driving distance on work u.dada I get by sitting always stomach ache. Then I sit on work 9 hours and that was then Monday so bad that I had to pull and bellyache

    I went to the doctor yesterday morning, Magno Sanol prescribed 245mg and bed rest for 3 days. But with crumbs everything is ok, I advise you go to the doctor. I wanted to know if that's normal, not what's with the baby. But when it grows, it also hurts some women. lg u.all good

  • reply - 2: Hey cadie,

    I have had this pain since yesterday and it really hurts. I will definitely go to the hospital right away.

    Get well.

  • reply - 3: ok thanks a lot .. I'll wait how it is tonight and then I'll see it ...

    Thank you for your answers :-)

  • reply - 4: So yesterday I was also in the hospital because I had a long and strong abdomen painful luckily everything was fine and it even turned out that I get a boy because I asked so
    maybe you know it even if you do not already know tonight but I'd rather go there for sure is sure but will probably be like me the doctor said that's why it always moves and that from the 12ssw so good as no more problems has as far as the Fehlgeburtsrisiko !!! I wish you in any case everything good
  • reply - 5: I have that too often at the moment ... that stands out very bad and is also centered ...
    My darling has often looked at me worried when I suddenly wrestle for air and lie back;) So I noticed that if I lie down a bit (already enough in the chair lean back and legs up a bit) that it got better after a while ...
    If you work in the office, you may just try it ... just lie down a bit more comfortably in the chair :) is sure to all dear, you hang out a bit more comfortable than when you have to go home;)
  • reply - 6: No, I'm a hairdresser and actually stand the whole day, but unfortunately can not avoid :-( can not do everything in a sitting position, so if I have to do something on the PC then I'm of course sitting in but otherwise I'm standing about 6-7 hours ....

    yes I look then tonight times is pointed and then I go to KH ... rather once too much than once too little: - /

  • reply - 7: Yes, then I would prefer to have it cleared off in your place ... wow, respect! So I can not stand half an hour at the moment, because it pulls me in the stomach or I'm just totally done: D how do you do that ?? :)
  • reply - 8: Actually, it's always ... I've been used to it since I was 11 years old but then I tried to relax but the stinging is still there ...: - / I'm sitting in the outpatient clinic now wait .... I just want to play it safe ...
  • reply - 9: hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the baby tv;))
    let us know what came out

    lovely wishes

  • reply - 10: Hey maädels, I'm at home now ... it would be warning signs of the body that you should turn down ... I did not blow any and the mother's mouth was too ... heart has gebubbert and everything else I tell in the thread SEX

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