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So now creativity is needed. ;-)


Would like to say it at work the day after my next examination. Have a super great troupe there, about 50 men and 10 women :-)
I would like to think of something funny as I can say.
Happy about ideas !!! :-))


  • reply - 1:

    Hmm, so I said, you have to look for somebody else to do the fair in October. That was so funny, because I had already successfully pressed in the last year before exactly the same and this time again :-)

    How do you imagine that? All gather together?

  • reply - 2: Are distributed in several layers. Now and then together.
    Thought cake baking with baby picture on it. Or mail with ultrasound images.
    But maybe you have even better ideas ;-)
  • reply - 3: At my sister's job, there are always Ü eggs when someone wants to announce that he is pregnant, but then there are "only" 30 pieces. Maybe for each colleague a Ü-egg, for the rest cake or pacifier made of fruit gum?

    LG oenes

  • reply - 4: Or cake from fruit pacifier ;-)
  • reply - 5: Hello!

    I would like to roll out rolls with jam or Nutella (definitely sweet) and a few glasses of acid cucumber. Then a little bit about it: "Bilderrätsel" and your signature. It will not take long for them to understand WHY to eat Nutella rolls with sour cucumbers. :-)

    LG, Elly

  • reply - 6: Also a cool idea :-)))
  • reply - 7: The nutella idea is great! I can not think of anything better ...
  • reply - 8: The ideas are all cute :-)

    I envy you a little, with me you would throw me those things probably in the face: - / My girlfriend and colleague wrote me that is probably morning crisis meeting in my team and my "letters" are distributed :-(

    But the pacifier idea is really cute! Every NEN Muffin and on top with frosting a Haribo pacifier :-D

    Report we take with pictures :-))))

  • reply - 9: OH YES !!! I'm looking forward to the report !!!
  • reply - 10: Yes I'm really lucky with my colleagues !!! They are sooooo cute. Said weeks ago that if one of us gets pregnant, they pick us up from the hospital :-)
    I'm looking forward to tell you that. That's why I'm looking for great ideas.
    Muffin with the pacifier is also a great idea.
    The Nutella idea too.
    I like to report and take pictures. But you have to wait 3 weeks ;-)

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