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Hello my dears ... my little one is now about 4 1/2 months and he is already totally stupid ... sometimes only after half an hour on the arm of grandma or grandfather but then he starts to cry bitterly sometimes only if do you have that already ... do you have any experiences how long that can last?


  • reply - 1: It's been doing ours since she was 3 months old. Grandma or grandpa only go for 2 or 3 minutes.
    I hope that will happen soon. Could imagine ever again an evening with my husband without a baby. But if no babysitter is accepted that is difficult.  
  • reply - 2: It's been a good 1 month so it's really bad. I get quite nervous when someone addresses them because it starts immediately
  • reply - 3: For 2 weeks with 3 1/2 months it is the same with us, unfortunately. My husband and I wanted to eat alone 2 weeks ago and my parents-in-law should take care of our little mouse. She got a total crying attack when Grandma and Grandpa wanted to take her up, so of course we did not leave. And last week my parents visited and it looked the same at the beginning, but after a while they were able to hug the little one. But even with friends, she is totally restless. I hope that lies down again.
  • reply - 4: Do you see the people where they strangle because often? Everyone says ka we see so little in yes but in our case the thing is my parents and also the parents of my friend are divorced so there are already four parties where we as commute with visit back and forth and even Uromas and Uropa there is a lot of time in between the little she can not really get to know ...
  • reply - 5: Our mouse also alienates with her grandma although she sees her very often
    If I am close to everything is ok but if grandma she has a short time without me in the arm is a very tolerable whimper.

    It was said that it belongs to the second growth spurt, then disappears again and goes off right consciously with six months. But our mouse is now 18 weeks old and still chafing  

    I see that positively ... mommy is the best, P

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