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Siblings room?


I have a question for you, how do you handle the vl already or will you handle it in the future?

Will there be a sibling room? Or does everyone have their own? Do you even have enough children's room? How big is the age difference?

I totally shatter my head, I have to say I'm an only child had a really great big room as a child. My son slept in his room from the beginning, at least most of the time. We have built a small house, actually no child was planned anymore. Now we have a bedroom, a nursery and a bathroom on the upper floor .. My friend says the baby will sleep with us and if it's bigger and everything goes well mim sleeping's the big deal. I can not imagine that ... Either I am restrained because I personally just do not know it or how do you see that? 3.5 years is a big difference if you think of a sibling room or not ?? I've been shaking my head for days 


  • reply - 1: So our son is about 2.5 years old when the worm comes ...
    Our son sleeps half the night in his room and the other with us in bed ...
    When that baby comes, the cot will be back in our room ... Then I'd like both of them to sleep in a room, I think it's more comfortable for them not to sleep alone !!

    But the time will come when everyone needs their own room, especially if they are of different sex ...

    I can speak from my own experience, I had a room with my sister and no one had his privacy .. At some point it is time to get his own empire ...
    For this reason, we also move to a 4-room apartment !!

  • reply - 2: I hope it goes well for a while. But in truth you can not plan it anyway. There are so many questions in my head. This drives me crazy. I think I have to deal with it first. That all came quite surprisingly with the baby .. Vl that's why so many thoughts in my head  

    When do you think that everyone needs his own empire?

  • reply - 3: If you do not have 2 nurseries available, it will work out too ... I grew up too;) Just do not worry so much ... Easier said than done I know ...

    Maybe from puberty ... But until then there is still plenty of time !!

    Was your second child not planned?

  • reply - 4: I have not thought too much about it because the baby is going to sleep with us in the beginning anyway and when the time comes, they think I'll share a room :)
    I have 3 sisters and we have always shared a room for 2 :)
  • reply - 5: I am a master to worry about what will be in 10 years or even later .. This really annoys me myself but unfortunately I can not turn off ..

    No was not planned, on the contrary. Actually, I wanted to let me set the spiral last week. Everything was different now.

  • reply - 6: Our second child gets a private room, lucky enough to have a room available. But it does not matter if kids share a room ... I only had a private room when I was 16 years old and I found it not bad! I think the beginning will be difficult, because the baby will be in the bedroom with us and my big daughter wants to sleep with us 
  • reply - 7: Can work but if the 1 child in the school is doing homework and sometimes NEN retreat would need a room for everyone, the better idea. I shared my room 13 years with my brother and then 4 more years with my sister it was not great for the reasons mentioned above. Our son is almost 5 when the baby comes he has his own room the baby then sleeps in 1 year with us just like our son and then gets the 2 nursery

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