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So my ärtin told me on Wednesday on the tape to tell me that my results of large blood test are there and they unfortunately positive so I have a ss diabetes unfortunately I missed the call so I could not ask any more questions and she is only Monday again I reached it this morning terrible had to hand over my circulation sagged several times in the basement and fatigue came over me and otherwise I am a few days not very good and now I know that there is a diabetes I'm afraid what to eat because I do not know if it is that right hilfeeeeeee am the way in the 30ssw


  • reply - 1: Nothing is ever wrong !!!!
    Exactly can only say if you measure your sugar and can be determined when and how much you need to inject.
  • reply - 2: Just like clami says. For me ss diabetes has come only in the 35th Ssw. In the 26th my test was still inconspicuous.
    Presumably you will now need to diabetologist where the test is repeated if necessary. There you will be told how to measure this and the diet.

    Maybe you're lucky and just have to pay attention to the diet.
    It is important to avoid fructose first. Oily foods are not as bad as sugars. Every body reacts differently.

  • reply - 3: hello evasu,
    With gestational diabetes is not so fun! I myself have the same! Am in the 36th week of pregnancy and the baby is too big, but the maturity is not there yet. Therefore, I have been lying here in the hospital for almost two weeks. It is best to eat 5-6 small meals, if possible do not drink sugary drinks and sweets. No white bread, as the sugar levels are high! It also makes it very difficult for me to do that, but I have to think about the baby and me!
    I wish you all the best!
    LG BoyGirl 39

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