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We play! 31 months old

Two fun ideas: what to do with your toddler this month.

"I can see what you can not see!"

The traditional guessing game "I see something you do not see. And that's blue (or green, yellow, red, etc). "Works not only with colors, but also with letters:" I see something you do not see, and that starts with A (or B, etc.) . " Until your little one learns how to read letters, you can also play the simpler picture version!

Which skills are supported? Power of observation, understanding of concepts
What do you need? A piece of paper on which you draw things that you will probably encounter on a walk / shopping / etc .; if necessary, colorful stickers or a colored pencil

This game is well suited for all types of excursions, whether by car or buggy. Before you start, show your child a prepared sheet of paper with drawings (a dog, a letterbox, a gas station, an excavator, etc.). Does your child recognize everything? Otherwise explain it to him! During the trip, you can then look for these things together. With stickers or a colorful pen, you can mark everything that you have already discovered together on the sheet. When everything is found, your little one has won!

Picnic in the cave

Your child's imagination and creativity are currently growing and thriving in the most positive sense. And your little one probably likes to play with other children of the same age.The following game works well together with siblings, friends or stuffed animals.

Which skills are supported? Imagination, social interaction
What do you need? A sturdy table, some sheets (or blankets or large towels)

Build a den for your child by laying a few sheets or blankets over a table. (Make sure that the table is really stable! If it wobbles or seems unstable, choose a different location for digging.) Once the hiding place is done, your little one can invite his friends or stuffed animals to play. Of course, the game is even more fun with a deliciously filled picnic basket in the cave!

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And here you will find more about the development of your 31-month-old child.

Remember: every child develops at its own pace. If the games this week seem too early for your toddler, do not worry! Just try again later.

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