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I'm already in the 31 ssw (30 + 6), the time is racing   
We really have everything but a name. I like Aria So well, I realize that people will immediately think of Aryan but the name is not pronounced Aryan. If you say it right - Aria - it does not sound like Aryan.
We like the A names very well, but do not want anything that is already 5 times like Alina, etc. Do you think you get problems with the name Aria? My friend is from Norway and Aria is a Norwegian name  What do you think ?


  • reply - 1: I think the name is pretty. How do you talk about him in Norway, so that's it?
    More like Adria (emphasis on the front A) or Maria. With a long i like Maria, I find him really great and then he does not sound like Arier anymore.

    Do you know to find a name of which both parents are fully convinced is worth something. Besides, there are worse things like being teased than Aryan. I would take the name.

  • reply - 2: Just ask the registry office.
  • reply - 3: I do not like him like that. How about Ariane / Ariana and then as pet-friendly Aria.
    But it's just a matter of taste.

    All the best for birth

  • reply - 4: Do you mean because of problems teasing or in which direction is your concern? Any teasing with "Aryan" could come at the earliest in adolescence, if the children then know the term then - and until then, the correct pronunciation of the name of Aria in the environment has already established so that, should it come to problems, certainly not the teasing with "Aryan" comes first. There are other names that you should be more worried about.
    Taste is excluded (because there will always be someone who says: Aria I do not like it now), Aria sounds neither silly, nor too cute, or you associate any clichés immediately :) and if he pleases you both, just look up your aria
  • reply - 5: Hello, I would not care about the resemblance to Arier, but rather to the character of Game of Thrones. This is a murderous little beast. That was my first thought with the name. Otherwise I find the name very nice. It may happen that you are asked if you have looked to GoT :)
  • reply - 6: I like it very much.
    My son has an aria in the kiga and that's not what Arier's thought came to me.
  • reply - 7: I know that as a boy's name. And that's where the i is emphasized, as it is in Maria.
  • reply - 8: When it is spoken with a long i, I do not see the likelihood of confusion. Otherwise it would be the same. Since the ending "he" is spoken in German as a.
    I would be bothered by the connection.
    Have the first name but here more often read and can therefore imagine that he could soon be more common.
  • reply - 9: My friend says Aria is like Adria, only the Norwegians still roll the r. But would pronounce him without rolled r (in Germany)
  • reply - 10: Personally I would rather have an Anika, Asia, Alva, Alma, Alba, Anna, Ava, Anja, Adela, Adriana or Amina to the daughter, as an Aria. I mean, ARIA speaks just like Aryan. Where is the difference? Even if that does not occur to you, I would not do the association to the child. You can call her Adolphine as well. I do not mean it.

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