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Since 24.5. Tobias rolls over our lives


On 24.5. at 9:20 our sunshine Tobias was born exactly at the ET. He was 49 cm tall, weighed 3080 g and had a head circumference of 34.5 cm.

On 23.5. I went to bed quite early as if I had guessed something. At midnight, I woke up with labor, which was repeated about every 10 minutes. My husband was still awake and I told him that I would go to the tub to see if it was real labor. My husband went to sleep to get some rest before giving birth. In the tub, the contractions did not weaken and I realized that my child is on the way. At about 2:15 am the amniotic sac blew up and we drove to the Kh. Initial examination: Gmh passed and mumu already on 4 cm. I already had a lot to do with contractions. We were then allowed to go straight to the delivery room. I asked for a pain reliever and my circulation reacted so strongly that I could only lie down for a long time. The contractions came in ever shorter distance and were always stronger. Unfortunately, the midwife did not provide the necessary peace and unfortunately left me alone with my husband. I squeezed that with every woe. Hand in. At 8 o'clock in the morning there was a change of shift with the midwives and there was one, which I already knew from the birth preparation course. I became calmer and the last 2 cm of the mumu went up quickly after 2 h. After half an hour of pressure, my dwarf was finally here and I first cried extensively out of emotion. I am so in love with my dwarf.


  • reply - 1: Congratulations and all the best :-)
  • reply - 2: Congratulations to the golden son! Everything good for you!!
  • reply - 3: Congratulations to the sweet treasure and all the best
  • reply - 4: All the best and good❤️
  • reply - 5: Congratulations !! I wish you all the best and love !!
  • reply - 6: Congratulations !!!
  • reply - 7: Happy Birthday to Tobias! Super cute picture! Too bad that the first midwife did not support you well! I wish you a nice cuddle time.
  • reply - 8: Congratulations. And have fun with the little one.
  • reply - 9: Congratulations
  • reply - 10: Congratulations on the birth of your Tobias. : - *

    A nice getting used to. : - * ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

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