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One week I'm now moved out with my little mouse from our apartment and back to my mom -, - Total habituation and separation pain is all there :(
Is it similar to someone?
Need jmd to exchange and talk, vllt even with experience pointed away :)

LG Lena & Amelia


  • reply - 1: I'm sorry to hear that! If you are married I would advise you first to let Caritas or Pro familia advise you if you are entitled to help from the office, how much a flat may cost, etc. Then your ex partner is of course obliged to provide maintenance and the little ones too calculated according to the Dusseldorf table. If he does not pay, you will receive an advance. The best way to do it at the youth welfare office in the case of a support who then beat him with rum he should be reluctant. Regarding the separation pain, unfortunately I have no recipe, except that you can do it alone well and your little one will be just as happy as others Children! Head up! Can you also like to contact us in the single parent group
  • reply - 2: Amelia a pity! I hope you get better soon!
    Look further back. I think dea had ever opened a thread of the same name?
  • reply - 3: I'm so sorry for you. I was with my first 12 years as a single parent and wanted to give you courage that parenting is also (good) on its own, important is a good network.

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